Get Ready for the 9th Edition of the International Dental Expo & Clinical Congress - IDEX 2024!
Pioon's Global Reach Expands to IDEX 2024! We will join forces with our partner TriGroup at the 9th Edition of the International Dental Expo & Clinical Congress. At this prestigious event, we will showcase our state-of-the-art 3 Wavelength Blue Diode Laser S3, a cutting-edge innovation in dental technology.
Breaking Boundaries: Unleashing Dental Laser's Power in UK !
Participants immersed themselves in the Standard Level Dental Laser Course & Laser-Assisted Esthetic Periodontology, 📚gaining invaluable insights and hands-on experience with the latest cutting-edge dental equipment.
Unlock the Future of Dentistry : Join Our Exclusive Dental Laser Seminar!
Explore Dental Laser Technology with Dr. Ayman Al-Aim, who will lead a session on the fundamentals of dental lasers and its applications in dental clinics using PIOON's cutting-edge dental laser systems.
Experience the Pioon's S3 Blue Dental Laser for Root Canal Disinfection!
Root canal disinfection is crucial in Endodontics treatment. Discover the effectiveness of the Pioon S3 Dental Laser, as demonstrated by Dr. Md Arifur Rahman in his latest video, where he performed a single-sitting root canal treatment using the Pioon S3.
Join the Academy of Laser Dentistry in UK !
Join us for a remarkable dental laser training event hosted by Professional dental laser expert, Dr. Walid Altayeb from the Academy of Laser Dentistry.
Have you already started using blue dental lasers?
This S3 blue dental laser can precisely cover 8 major clinical categories and offer up to 57 treatment protocols. Whether you are dealing with soft tissue surgery, teeth whitening, implant treatment, or others, it provides the best solutions you need, ensuring safety and accuracy with every use.
Craft a Professional Image for Your Dental Clinic and Boost Patient Trust!
New Design, New Experience! Our Smart Art Decorate is tailor-made for dental clinics, combining modern aesthetics with a high-tech feel. Add a splash of professional brilliance to your clinic's facade, ensuring every patient who walks in can sense your attention to detail and commitment to quality.
Beware of recent product plagiarism and brand imitation on Alibaba !!!
It's disheartening to see companies plagiarize our products and exploit our brand, deceiving consumers. We fervently advocate for continuous innovation, not the proliferation of imitation.
Explore the Future of ENT Treatment with Our Advanced Solutions!
Dive into the forefront of ENT surgery through our latest video feedback from esteemed partners! With the S1-C10 Blue Revolutionary Diode Laser, we're redefining ENT treatment.
Discover the Power of M2™ Surgical Laser Treatment for Gynecology !
Join us as Jennifer overcomes urine leakage with the M2™ Surgical Laser. This painless, outpatient procedure strengthens vaginal tissue and bladder support, reducing leakage.
We are thrilled to announce the successful training session hosted by the PIOON team in Argentina !
Our steadfast partnership and the unwavering support of all participants have been instrumental in this achievement A big thank you to DIS-DEN team DisDen Odontología and all the dentists who participated in our training at the lovely DIS-DEN family.
Empowering Dental Professionals: Argentina Hosts Successful Laser Technology Exchange Event
we joined hands with our partner DisDen Odontología and the Faculty of Dentistry - UNR to organize an exchange event on laser technology knowledge and practice. This event not only enriched the professional knowledge of the participants and deepened their connections with each other, but also left memorable experiences.
Pioon has landed at Expo RADLA 2024 with state-of-the-art medical equipment!
Whether it's innovative lasers or groundbreaking treatments, Pioon is here to redefine beauty and wellness. Join us at Booth16 and embark on a journey towards radiant skin and vibrant health.
​Discover the cutting-edge precision of surgical vein treatment with Pioon!
​ At the same time, RADLA in South America to the VS Vein Symposium in North America, our influence spans the globe. Visit us at New York Times Square Booth 404 to explore advanced laser solutions for vein disorders.
Countdown to RADLA: Pioon brings the most advanced facial lipolysis laser equipment 1470nm to Peru!
Less than 10 days left until Pioon brings the most advanced facial lipolysis laser equipment 1470nm to meet everyone in South America, Peru, RADLA! Excited to know about the facelift preoperative preparation, intraoperative procedures, and how to avoid postoperative risks? Don't miss out! Meet us at Booth No.16
Dental Laser Interactive Practice Training in Romania
Embrace a partnership with PIOON Dental Laser! where you gain not just a laser device, but also exceptional service, premier education, and cutting-edge technology!
Looking for professionalism and state-of-the-art ENT treatment solutions?️
Look no further than Booth B06 at the ENDOKL 2024 exhibition, where Pioon shines with expertise and top-notch equipment. Discover more about our products and ENT treatment solutions by engaging with us at the booth.
Pioon S3PRO: Redefining Dental Laser Technology
With the latest 4-wavelength technology and sleek design upgrades, the S3PRO is set to redefine the future of dental lasers, setting new standards for excellence and innovation.
Our partner IAID International Innovation Dental College successfully held a deep laser education tr
PIOON Dental Laser is honored to have been chosen as the designated laser partner for this event, providing state-of-the-art laser technology support to local dental professionals.
Our Bolivia client is thrilled to share their experience with our LaserLift training treatment!
Witness the incredible results achieved with our S1-K12 featuring 1470nm, LaserLift handpiece, and the perfectly matched LaserLift fiber tip. They opted for a session combining superficial body lipolysis, and the transformation is truly remarkable!