• 810nm 980nm 15w laser diode Medical laser

    P1 Dental Laser

    Infinite Clinic Possibilities & Sophisticated Technology Integration

    With its three wavelengths, the P1 dental laser system is ideal for more than 20 different applications – designed to achieve a wider range of treatment options that connect our diversified dental accessories.

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  • 810nm 980nm 15w laser diode dental laser

    Portable Dental Laser

    Great Value and Performance

    The leading Multi wavelength including 635nm, 810nm, 980nm up to 15W Integrated handpiece for surgery,whitening and therapy.

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  • 810nm 1920nm 60w laser diode surgical laser

    Precise Surgery Laser

    Advanced and Powerful Performance

    Up to 30 watt with the most advanced wavelength of 1920nm, 1470nm, 1064nm, 980nm, 810nm for surgery applications. Ideal for PLDD,EVLT,ENT, Gynecology and VET surgery with various accessories.

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  • 810nm 980nm 60w laser diode therapy laser

    High Power Therapy Laser

    Reliable and Stable Performance

    Multi-wavelength available with 30W output, providing deeper depth of tissue penetration for noninvasive therapy treatment with special designed handpiece.

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