Pioneer of the Intelligent Dental Lasers
The world’s first smart soft tissue dental laser
With 45 preset treatment procedures, any dentist, who is new to dental laser, can start the laser treatment with a simple swipe and click.
The massive multimedia tutorial content in the laser can greatly accelerate the process to master the laser skills.
You can change the preset values with a simple touch in Expert Mode, getting the most out of your H1™ dental laser.
Blue 3-wavelength dental laser
S1 BLUE is desinged to improve the standard of dentistry surgery, we always hope that everyone can enjoy the benefits brought by the latest technology. The patients will feel less pain with shorter postoperative recovery time, meanwhile, dentists are expexted to achieve better business in returns.
New surgical laser
As a world-leading medical laser company of great global innovation, M2 has the small volume with max power to 100W, it is ideal for Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Aesthetic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery and High Energy Therapy.

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