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Pioon always insists on presenting our innovative medical lasers and technologies to the users, so each of our products embodies our wisdom and intention right from the duration of R&D in the field of technology to advanced manufacturing, ensuring the star quality for the product. Each of our products are continuously upgraded to match the brilliance of our customers. Therefore, Pioon has achieved such a remarkable rapid development and has remained distinctive. It's all about "Pioon + (You)".

M3 Dental Soft-tissue Diode Laser

M3 Dental Soft-tissue Laser

The third generation of mercury is our newly developed intelligent dental diode laser. After a large number of R & D, we have further optimised and upgraded our control system and operating system. It is the most price-competitive product in the soft tissue laser market, and at the same time possesses the super-high quality. Our vision is to make the dental soft tissue laser affordable to all the doctors so that they can enjoy the benefits of new technologies, bring better treatment to patients, and more reputations to their own clinics.
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SAT-M2 Multi-Application Surgical Laser

SAT-M2 is a new generation surgical laser system that we develop specifically for surgeons, 1470nm and 980nm can be selected individually or blended together. it can be equipped with a variety of high-power laser modules to meet the needs of different doctors.
The SAT-M2 surgical laser platform supports multiple applications in Endovascular and Proctology surgery as well as spine and aesthetic procedures.
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M2 surgical laser

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Advance Laser Therapy in Oral Medicine and Surgery

Next up in our online webinar series, we are coming up with yet another enthralling session on “Advance Laser Therapy in Oral Medicine and Surgery”.

dental laser diode

Laser applications in dentistry-Practical implications with lots of clinical cases

Join us live for yet another informative session on Diode Lasers in Dentistry with our expert Dr. Saleh Al Ghabban.

Practical Dental Applications of Diode Lasers


Coming up with yet another interesting session on Diode Lasers in Dentistry. Join our online webinar with the expert Dr. Shabeer Hassim!!

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PIOON is with you to conquer the coronavirus

To conquer the coronavirus, we are willing to provide our customers with necessary supplies including masks, free of charge.


Booth No: 1D03; 4-6 February, 2020

iLED 2019

Welcome you to visit our soft-tisssue dental Laser in Doha, Qatar from November 13-16, 2019.!