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  • 2022-05-27

Dental diode laser treatment of periodontitis

Compared with traditional treatment, Diode laser is simple and convenient to operate, and has unique functions in sterilization, removal of contaminated layer, gasification of dental calculus, and relief of dentin sensitivity.

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  • 2022-04-19

Management of Early Periodontitis using Lasers

A periodontal disease starts when the bacteria, (often found in plaque), infect the areas around the teeth and form the hardened substance called calculus.

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  • 2021-10-29

Advantages of dental laser in periodontitis

The research shows that laser can deal with the inflammatory granulation tissue in the inner wall of the periodontal bag and the disinfection of the bag, and solve the traditional way in the treatment of periodontitis in the absence of thorough cleaning abuses.The effect of laser combined with conventional mechanical curettage is better than that of single mechanical treatment.

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