Discover Innovation at TechSky's Showcase - Pioon's S1 Pro Medical Laser and M2 Surgical Laser
Step into the future of medical technology with Pioon's cutting-edge laser solutions, featured prominently at TechSky's recent exhibition.
A warm welcome to our newest version of S1 Pro medical diode laser.
S1 Pro medical diode laser is safe and effective. It' s stable and can work for a long time because its good heat dissipation. The simple software makes surgeons set up rapidly and easily. The software also can be upgraded after connecting the WIFI
The device operation guide of S1 Pro surgical laser with 1470nm 12W
The main accessories are showed this time, especially the radial fiber, which is the best fiber for vascular disease. The device can reach long-term stable output with good dissipation. The software is stable and easy to operate.