Pioon Dental Laser: An Advanced Treatment Solution Enhancing Patients' Lives
Pioon Dental Laser not only exhibits advantages of non-invasiveness and rapid recovery during the treatment of maxillary bone osteonecrosis but also achieves remarkable therapeutic effects.
A Partnership with Angie Papas-Ginis and PIOON Dental Laser
A true pioneer in laser dentistry, she's revolutionizing patient care with diode lasers. Proud to partner with PIOON Dental Laser, not just on products, but also on market and clinical investments. Together, we're advancing dental education and elevating standards of care.
New S3 PRO Dental Laser Arrival: Revolutionizing Dental Care with Cutting-edge Innovation!
Discover the game-changing S3 PRO Dental Laser redefining dental care with cutting-edge innovation! Experience automatic screen-off technology for extended battery life and eco-friendliness. With a sleek, user-friendly interface designed for medical professionals, navigating procedures is seamless.
Invitation to After-Exhibition Dental Laser Course of AEEDC Dubai 2024
We have full-day, hands-on Laser Dentistry Course by: Dr. Walid Altayeb, DDS, MSc, PhD, Periodontist, President Elect of Academy of Laser Dentistry, Private Practice, UAE
Invitation to On-Site Dental Laser Knowledge Sharing of AEEDC Dubai 2024
We are excited to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming on-site dental laser knowledge sharing of AEEDC Dubai 2024 This short course will provide an opportunity for discussions, feedback sharing, and addressing any queries you may have in the daily use of laser. Please don’t miss this great opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the lecturers from ALD(Academy of Laser Dentistry)!
Invitation to Pre-Exhibition Dental Laser Course of AEEDC Dubai 2024
As we prepare for AEEDC Dubai 2024, we are delighted to extend an invitation to you for specialized dental laser course designed to enhance the following learning objective
A successful dental laser training was held in held in the charming Sultanate of Oman
we truly hope that everyone can gain the laser knowledge or experience from this training. we really appreciate everyone's effort, Pioon is always there for you
Upcoming two days dental laser training in Oman
Join us to explore more possibilities of laser in the dental field~November 24th-25th
Upcoming Dental Laser Academic Conference in Colombia
Upcoming three-days academic conference in Colombia,November 7-9.Welcome to inquire for more information. Stay tuned!
Dental Laser Standard Level Course
We have full-day, hands-on Laser Dentistry Course by: Prof. Dr. Walid Altayeb, DDS, MSc, PhD, Periodontist, President Elect of Academy of Laser Dentistry, Private Practice, UAE
Hot News:Demonstration of PIOON S3 dental laser
Upcoming ALD training in Istanbul, Turkey, Sep2 -3. There will be a live demonstration of PIOON S3 dental laser in Sunday 3 Sep afternoon, stay tuned!!!
Pioon&ALD dental laser training course successfully held in Malaysia
I had the pleasure of providing an ALD's laser course in Malaysia organized by Titan Digital Solutions, and it was truly an incredible experience.
Pioon H1 Dental Laser Training in Serbia!
New technologies in everyday practice. Application of H1 diode laser. presentation of diode laser H1...
The newest hands-on training of dental laser is coming soon
if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact our Vietnam friend Sota-D VietNam and they have rich experience in the laser field.
Pioon's H1 dental laser in Türkiye !!!
Welcome to find our parnter Yaman Dental in Türkiye for the laser device purchasing ???
Gingivectomy & frenectomy performed with PIOON Dental Laser dental laser
The constant progress of technology and innovation in finding the most effective methods in treatment have led to the increasingly frequent use of lasers in dentistry.
PIOON's S3 dental laser in Vietnam
Thank you for choosing PIOON Dental Laser Thank you for supporting our parnter Sota-D!
Pioon Dental Laser in Serbia
Laser treatments have proven to be a less invasive method compared to conventional techniques because the use of the laser itself results in less cell destruction and less bleeding thanks to the hemostatic effect.
Gingivoplasty with PIOON S3 dental laser in Myanmar.
Dental diode laser is very safe and useful for esthetic soft tissue management and thus it increases patient’s compliance and satisfaction.
PIOON Dental Laser in Lithuania.
A wonderful exhibition -- Medbaltica 2022.