Laser Assisted Endodontics Treatments
Root canal therapy is one of the most common endodontic treatments, but it's also the dental treatment most people fear most. Dentists always try to make it painless, however, sometimes patients may experience mild pain and discomfort.
Why choose the 1470nm to do the vein?
The advantage of an endovenous laser therapy with 1470 nm is that the absorption coeffcient of water is 55 to 60 times higher at this wavelength than at 980 nm. Thus, a precise application of laser radiation into the vein wall can be performed. Furthermore, the treatment requires less total energy and shows lower heat generation.
How can laser help prosthodontics treatment?
Dental diode lasers give prosthodontists more power and more opportunities to achieve prosthodontics. Prosthodontists could not only enrich their prosthodontic treatment but also operate gingival surgeries like periodontists.
Laser treatment for PLDD
PLDD means that under the guidance of C-arm X-ray or CT, 16G or 18G puncture needle is inserted into the diseased cervical/lumbar intervertebral disc, 200-800μm optical fiber is introduced through the puncture needle, and then laser treatment system is started to emit laser to vaporize part of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc, thus reducing the pressure in the intervertebral disc.
Advantages of using laser to remove wisdom teeth
Conventional wisdom tooth surgery requires the use of a scalpel to make openings in the gums, but instead of a scalpel, a laser can be used to precisely cut tissue while reducing bleeding and pain.
Advantages of Pioon Surgical Laser Applied to ENT
Compared with traditional surgical techniques, Pioon laser treatment has many advantages, including good treatment effect, high safety, less bleeding and mild pain.