What is FacialContouringTM?

FacialContouringTM is a minimally invasive laser-based treatment that uses the laser S1 Pro to stimulate the deep and superficial layers of the skin. The 1470nm wavelength is specifically designed to selectively attack two main targets in the body: water and fat.

Laser-induced selective heat melts stubborn fat that escapes through tiny access holes in the treated area, while causing immediate skin shrinkage. This process tightens and shrinks the connective membranes, activates the production of new collagen in the skin and the metabolic functions of the skin cells. Finally, skin sagging is reduced and skin looks firm and instantly lifted.

But the S1 Pro's uses don't stop there, as it can also be used to reduce excess fat on the face and body when necessary.

*Clinical Techniques Provider

How it works?


The 1470nm wavelength is a nonablative laser that able to penetrate deeply into tissues due to its high absorption for fat and water, which is specifically designed to effectively target loose skin. The laser's thermal effects also results in skin retraction and collagen remodelling in small area with no swelling and brusing.

Clinical Cases (Immediate Effect)

The results of the surgery are not only visible immediately, but continue to improve for several months after the procedure as extra collagen builds up in the deeper layers of the skin. The best moment to appreciate the results achieved is after 6 months.

The Advantage of FacialContouringTM?

The S1 Pro Model with 1470nm

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