The facial contour has a significant impact on a person's youthfulness, approachability, and overall temperament. It plays a crucial role in the overall harmony and aesthetic appeal of an individual. In anti-aging procedures, the primary focus is often on improving facial contours before addressing facial features.

What is FacialContouringTM?

FacialContouringTM is a minimally invasive laser-based treatment that uses the laser S1 Pro to stimulate the deep and superficial layers of the skin. The 1470nm wavelength is specifically designed to selectively attack two main targets in the body: water and fat.

Laser-induced selective heat melts stubborn fat that escapes through tiny access holes in the treated area, while causing immediate skin shrinkage. This process tightens and shrinks the connective membranes, activates the production of new collagen in the skin and the metabolic functions of the skin cells. Finally, skin sagging is reduced and skin looks firm and instantly lifted.

But the S1 Pro's uses don't stop there, as it can also be used to reduce excess fat on the face and body when necessary.

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How does 1470nm FacialContouring Work?


The 1470nm wavelength is a nonablative laser that able to penetrate deeply into tissues due to its high absorption for fat and water, which is specifically designed to effectively target loose skin. The laser's thermal effects also results in skin retraction and collagen remodelling in small area with no swelling and brusing.

The reasons why a 1470nm FacailContouring diode laser might be considered for facial lipolysis include:

Optimal Absorption: The 1470nm wavelength might be selected because it is well-absorbed by water and fat, which are abundant in adipose (fat) tissue. This absorption can lead to effective heating and disruption of fat cells.

Tissue Selectivity: The goal in lipolysis is to target fat cells while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. The choice of 1470nm might be based on its potential to selectively target adipose tissue.

Minimal Invasiveness: Diode lasers are often used for minimally invasive procedures. The 1470nm wavelength might be preferred for its potential to achieve desired lipolysis effects with less invasiveness compared to other wavelengths or technologies.

Safety Profile: The safety profile of a specific wavelength is crucial in aesthetic procedures. The 1470nm wavelength may have been chosen for its perceived safety and effectiveness in facial lipolysis.

Clinical Experience and Research: If there has been clinical research or a history of successful use with the 1470nm diode laser in facial lipolysis, practitioners may choose it based on their positive experiences or published studies.

Clinical Cases (Immediate Effect)

The results of the surgery are not only visible immediately, but continue to improve for several months after the procedure as extra collagen builds up in the deeper layers of the skin. The best moment to appreciate the results achieved is after 6 months.

Benifits of FacialContouringTM?

Minimally Invasive: This cutting-edge facial laser machine offers minimally invasive treatments, ensuring that the procedures are gentle on the skin and require minimal recovery time, allowing individuals to swiftly resume their daily activities.

Low Cost: With an emphasis on affordability, this facial laser machine provides cost-effective solutions for individuals seeking advanced skincare treatments, making high-quality facial laser procedures accessible to a broader demographic.

No Downtime/Pain: Experience the convenience of minimal downtime and virtually pain-free procedures with this facial laser machine, allowing individuals to enhance their skin without the inconvenience of a prolonged recovery period or discomfort.

Instant Results: Enjoy the immediate benefits of this facial laser machine, witnessing noticeable improvements in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance right after the treatment, providing a quick and effective solution for those seeking instant gratification.

Long-term Effect: Beyond instant results, this facial laser machine delivers long-term effectiveness, promoting collagen production and skin rejuvenation that ensures a sustained improvement in skin quality over time, contributing to a lasting youthful radiance.

No Scar: Rest easy knowing that the advanced technology employed by this facial laser machine leaves no scars, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional procedures and ensuring a smooth, blemish-free outcome.

Easy And Safe: Designed with user-friendly features, this facial laser machine ensures ease of operation for practitioners and guarantees a safe and secure experience for clients, minimizing risks associated with skincare procedures.

Suitable For All Skin Types: Embrace inclusivity with this facial laser machine, as its versatility allows it to cater to individuals with various skin types, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its advanced and personalized skincare solutions.

The S1 Pro Model with 1470nm

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