S1PRO FacialContouringTM

1470nm Laser System


Perfect design

Aluminum-magnesium alloy case
Weight ≤4KG NW

Smart chip

fast that lasts

Multi-core cpu multi-threaded computing
Smart OS + Al + Human-laser Interaction

HD Screen

HDR 7-inch
Retina touch display

Laser Module

12W stable and continuous laserenergy

Remote service

Wi-Fi assistance

Super Cooling

Double fan
Electronic cooling
Multi-channel copper tube


accepts all fibers on the market
(regular SMA 905 connector)

The 1470nm wavelength is able to penetrate deeply into tissues due to its high absorption for fat and water, which activates collagen remodeling and the metabolic process. This results in skin retraction and firming.

  • Non-invasive

    Advanced techniques ensure the safety of patients through out all process.

  • Safe

    Minimally invasive nature, precise and controlled procedures and shorter post-operative recovery time.

  • Versatile

    Various facial areas supported, address for specific aesthetic outcome.

  • Long-lasting

    Stimulating collagen production, resulting in improved skin elasticity.

  • Simple

    Small incisions, local anesthesia, quick operation with Pioon SmartOS

Why FacialContouringTM?

No require surgical incisions. It offers a less risky alternative to invasive surgical options.

Clinical Cases


MFF Handpiece
MFF Handpiece

Suitable for the fiber tips of 200-400μm, 600μm, 800μm, 1000μm Length: 2 m

Fiber Tips
Fiber Tips

Diameter: 200-400μm, 600μm, 800μm, 1000μm

Lipolysis Handpiece
Lipolysis Handpiece

Not only for facial, but for the body

Lipo Handpiece Pro

Include 5 pieces cannula
Suitable for 600μm fiber
Length: 100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm

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