Laser Mastery in Surgical Innovation


Laser therapy has revolutionized the treatment of ENT clinical conditions. It offers the most bloodless surgery today. This laser is especially suited for ENT and finds application in various aspects of surgery in the ear, nose, larynx, throat etc. It is a safe, effective, and minimal invasive treatment for ENT clinical conditions. Its precision, speed, and versatility make it an ideal choice for patients seeking fast and effective relief from their symptoms.

Our S1 blue laser with 450nm wavelength can directly interacts with the tissue, rather than the heat effect delivered through the actived fiber tip, this new blue wavelength can cover various ENT disease like conchotomy, nasal polypectomy, vocal polyps, cholesteatoma, etc. It represents an innovative extension to the already established diode laser systems, redening what truly diode laser is. Besides, 980nm can also be provided.



Podiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on the health and treatment of the feet and ankles. It covers various problems related to the feet and ankles, including but not limited to foot injuries, skin diseases, arthritis, fractures, sprains and plantar fasciitis.

The 980nm wavelength laser can treat kinds of podiatry diseases with different hand pieces which present no side effects and completely safe with no pain and it has especially demonstrated superior results in nail fungus removal, showing safety and efficacy. Its excellent feature of deep penetration with the best performance in comprehensive absorption by tissue element provides a good effective treatment through the nail, with less impacting surrounding tissues.


cervical erosion

Laser surgery has emerged as one of the best options for treating gynecological soft tissue lesions and achieving vaginal rejuvenation. Its precise and minimal invasive nature makes it highly effective.

980nm wavelength are superior for various procedures such as cervical erosion, leukoplakia vulvae, condyloma acuminatum, hysteromyomectomy, vaginal neoplasia, and other minimal invasive surgeries.

The gentle heat generated by the 980nn laser has a positive impact on the vaginal tissue. It stimulates collagen remodeling and promotes the synthesis of new collagen fibers in both the vaginal mucosal tissue and collagen-rich pelvic fascia. Consequently, this treatment is widely used to address concerns like vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and vaginal atrophy, providing a mild and effective solution for restoring femininity. Besides, 1470nm can also be provided.


Percutaneous laser disc decompression is a minimal invasive treatment for contained disc herniation, serving as an alternative to open surgery. It is the least aggressive treatment that suitable for cases without prolapse of the outer layer of the nucleus pulposus. The pulsed laser effectively vaporizes the protruding disc nucleus pulposus, reducing or eliminating nerve compression and stimulation.

By utilizing the M2 Surgical Laser with dual-wavelength capabilities (980nm and 1470nm), it takes advantage of selective absorption in disc tissue, deep tissue penetration, and the combined effects of thermal and biological stimulation. This allows for precise targeting, enhances treatment outcomes, and minimizes damage to surrounding tissues.