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Facial Contouring with Laser——the Next Level of Non-invasive Laser Lift Procedure

Facial Contouring with Laser——the Next Level of Non-invasive Laser Lift Procedure

  What is facial contouring?

  Facial contouring is a cosmetic technique that involves surgical or non-surgical methods to improve the appearance of facial lines to achieve a more symmetrical, youthful, and attractive appearance. Traditional facial surgeries are typically performed under general anesthesia and involve the removal of excess skin, as well as the repositioning and tightening of facial tissues to achieve facial lifting effects. This type of surgery generally requires a longer recovery period.

  Afterwards, thread lift was born as a relatively non-invasive method for facial lifting. In this procedure,the physician uses special threads placed beneath the skin to lift and tighten the facial tissues. Thread lift procedures usually require local anesthesia and have a shorter recovery period. There were other procedures such as ultherapy and radio frequency treatment.

Facial Contouring with Laser

  Over time, there is increasing concern among patients regarding the risks associated with traditional procedures,leading to a search for alternative non-invasive methods. Therefore, non-invasive methods with consistent efficient improvement are needed,especially for middle-aged patients.

  Introducing:Laser-based facial contouring

  In this blog, we will explain the basic procedure, biological principles and general advantages of using PIOON laser for facial contouring.

Facial Contouring with Laser

  Basic Procedure

  In facial contouring with laser, a thin fiber, usually around 200 or 300 microns in size, is gently inserted beneath the skin into the upper layer of the subcutaneous tissue. Using laser energy,tiny tunnels are created in a specific direction,counteracting the effects of gravity and producing an immediate lifting effect that can be seen. After the procedure,the microfibers would be carefully removed and disposed of.

  Biological Principles

  Generally, the 1470nm laser is known for its ability to selectively target fat cells while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. Meanwhile it stimulates collagen growth,increases the thickness of the dermis,and makes tighter underlying skin with no skin wounding.

  For the forehead, the procedure can effectively reduce facial wrinkles and frown lines,while enhancing the skin's texture and tone. Additionally,it reduces the depth and surface area of skin wrinkles,increases the density and thickness of the epidermis and dermis, and enhances the elasticity of the skin.

  When it comes to the eyelids and eyebrows, the incisional aspects of blepharoplasty are performed quickly and carry a lower risk of injuring the inferior oblique muscle. This approach minimizes sensory nerve stimulation and significantly reduces bleeding, leading to minimal postoperative bruising ecchymosis.

  For the neck and lower face, the 1470nm laser's lipolysis effect facilitates the removal of adipose tissue while minimizing mechanical disruption. This approach allows for faster recovery times due to the use of small cannulas.

  General Advantages

  Laser-based facial contouring eliminates the need for surgical incisions or anesthesia.The easy penetration of the laser cannula in the fibrous tissue makes it easier to reach all of the areas with the help of the external hand,contributing to high patient satisfaction.

  Thus,the procedure is generally well-tolerated by patients,with only occasional reports of mild discomfort.One of the advantages is that there is no downtime,allowing patients to resume their regular activities right away.


  PIOON 1470nm laser is an effective healing route for the face lift treatment,this technique is non-invasive and is well tolerated,holding massive potential to bring non-invasive laser lift procedure to the next level.

Facial Contouring with Laser