Gingivectomy & frenectomy performed with PIOON Dental Laser dental laser
The constant progress of technology and innovation in finding the most effective methods in treatment have led to the increasingly frequent use of lasers in dentistry.
Gingivoplasty with PIOON S3 dental laser in Myanmar.
Dental diode laser is very safe and useful for esthetic soft tissue management and thus it increases patient’s compliance and satisfaction.
Laser treatment of dentin hypersensitivity
At present, there are two main mechanisms of laser treatment of dentin hypersensitivity. First, after laser irradiation of dentin, the hot melt mechanism caused by tissue absorption of heat is notified to reduce or close the dentin tubules, so as to reduce the influence of external stimulation on pulp.
Laser treatment for pilonidal sinus
Pilonidal sinus disease is a chronic disease of the sacrococcygeal region associated with frequent recurrence. Although its cause remains unknown, the increased hormone levels associated with puberty, the growth of thick hair, long periods of sitting, and friction imparted by tight‐fitting clothing may be in play.
what exactly is laser dentistry?
A dental laser uses a very thin yet powerful beam of light energy to address any dental issues. Because the laser virtually eliminates any heat, pressure or vibrations, the dental patient will experience a substantial amount of lesser pain or even no pain at all.
How Dose Laser lipolysis Work?
Laser liposuction uses laser energy instead of incisions like traditional liposuction to target fat and lose weight quickly with minimal impact. The idea of non-invasive laser lipolysis is not to remove fat cells, but to shrink fat cells.