Advantages of 1470nm for EVLT
The energy of 1470nm semiconductor laser can be absorbed by hemoglobin and cell water. At the same time, 1470nm wavelength laser has strong tissue absorption rate and shallow penetration depth, and the energy directly acts on the blood vessel wall, which can completely and evenly close the blood vessel.
Application of Laser in ENT
Laser is the light with the best directivity in the world. Due to its extremely small divergence angle, it looks almost parallel to the naked eye, making the laser energy highly concentrated.
Applications of Pioon Diode Laser in Orthodontic Treatment
Because the light from a diode laser isn’t absorbed well by hard tissue, it’s excellent for procedures involving the soft tissues in your mouth like your gums, as it gives us maximum precision and won’t damage the teeth.
Benefits Of Laser Teeth Whitening
Among them, laser tooth whitening is one of the best cosmetic tooth bleaching methods, not only providing white teeth, but also helping to remove stains and plaque.
1940nm wavelength-the future for EVLT
Due to the 4-fold higher absorption of the 1940nm laser in the interstitial water of the vein wall compared to 1470nm lasers, veins can be effectively closed with only 4-6 Watts and significantly less energy
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