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1940nm wavelength-the future for EVLT

1940nm wavelength-the future for EVLT

We know that lower wavelengths are associated with higher hemoglobin absorption and higher wavelengths are associated with higher water absorption.

Due to the 4-fold higher absorption of the 1940nm laser in the interstitial water of the vein wall compared to 1470nm lasers, veins can be effectively closed with only 4-6 Watts and significantly less energy (about 50J/cm LEED). The fluency of heat into the surrounding tissue is significantly lower and reduces the risk of skin and nerve lesions. 

Of course, the power requirement will be lower and lower as the vessel site is different if choose 1940nm wavelength. However, the clinical feedback from our client is if they choose the 1470nm device to do the treatment, the power need setting between 8W or more. 

The following are the advantages of 1940nm wavelength, 

  •  Decreased pain 

  •  No risk of burns 

  •  Less skin discolouration 

  •  No significant difference in post procedural pain and compl cation rates  

  •  No risk of fibre carbonisation 

  •  Better and faster resorption of vein segments


1470nm is common-used in the medical field, but 1940nm is the future. PIOON M2 surgical laser is a multi-functional medical laser device, which is the 1940nm with 10W and mainly used for vascular diseases. Exquisite appearance, innovative screen design, good heat dissipation, stable and safe laser emitting... which makes our M2 surgical laser more outstanding. If you want to know more, please contact our sales.