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EVLT surgical treatment was performed using the S1 model
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Five Advantages of Endovenous Laser Ablation
With today’s advanced varicose vein treatment therapies, surgery is rarely required for the complete healing of damaged veins in the leg. Endovenous Ablation (EVLA), which is one of the most cutting-edge techniques for treating varicose veins, has several distinct benefits over previous varicose vein therapy treatments.
Advantages of Laser Treatment for Granulomas
Granuloma is a benign, vascular lesion commonly seen in the oral mucosa, usually as an overgrown sarcoma caused by local irritation. Surgical resection is the most common and effective treatment. Dentists will use surgical tools to completely remove the granuloma. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and the patient may need some time to recover after surgery. Surgical excision ensures complete removal of the lesion and reduces the likelihood of recurrence.
1470nm Laser-assisted Facial Lifting
A 1470nm laser-assisted facial lifting refers to a facial rejuvenation procedure that incorporates the use of a specific laser with a wavelength of 1470nm. This laser wavelength falls within the near-infrared range and is commonly used in medical and aesthetic procedures.
Why Are 1470nm and 450nm Suitable for Facial Acne Treatment?
When sebaceous glands are overactive or over-produce oil, the sebum can clog pores with cuticles, forming what' s known as a ‘pimple’. These pore-clogging areas can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially Propionibacterium acnes, which can lead to inflammation and acne formation.