Podiatry Transformed: 980nm Laser Pioneers New Horizons
980nm wavelength laser is a new method for Podiatry. The principle is to use 980nm wavelength laser to penetrate the skin, thereby killing fungi and inhibiting fungal growth.
Treating Facial Redness: The Power of 980nm Laser
Facial redness usually refers to the dilation and congestion of superficial blood vessels (capillaries, arterioles, and venules), forming a visible network of blood vessels. These enlarged blood vessels are located in the superficial tissues between the dermis (the middle layer of the skin) and the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin).
The Best treatment for Tongue Tie in Children
Ankyloglossia, commonly referred to as tongue tie in children, is a condition present from birth where the strip of tissue (frenulum) beneath the tongue is shorter than typical, leading to limitations in the tongue's mobility. This congenital issue can impact infants and young children and carries various consequences, particularly in relation to feeding and the development of speech.
Dual Wavelength Surgical Laser for Endovenous (EVLT) Treatment
It is well known that the advantage of endovenous laser therapy at 1470nm is the higher absorption coefficient of water compared to 980nm. Therefore, laser radiation can be applied precisely into the vein wall. Additionally, the process requires less total energy and generates lower heat.
Advancements in Laser Technology for Gingivoplasty
Among them, the application of laser dental surgery in Gingivoplasty not only provides a more refined treatment, but also reduces the discomfort of the operation and the recovery period.
Laser Facial Contouring: Redefine Your Look in One Session
Facial contouring works by introducing laser beams into the skin tissue to promote the generation of collagen and improve skin tightness. This laser beam can penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating the growth of collagen, thereby enhancing the elasticity and tightness of facial skin. Additionally, the laser also promotes cell repair and metabolism, making the skin appear younger and smoother.