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Podiatry Transformed: 980nm Laser Pioneers New Horizons

Podiatry Transformed: 980nm Laser Pioneers New Horizons

Nowadays, foot diseases have gradually become a problem that troubles people's lives. Many treatment methods are cumbersome or difficult to cure, but laser treatment stands out as an effective treatment method. 980nm wavelength laser is a new method for Podiatry. The principle is to use 980nm wavelength laser to penetrate the skin, thereby killing fungi and inhibiting fungal growth. Compared with traditional treatment methods, 980nm wavelength laser has the following advantages:

1. Non-invasive: Laser treatment does not require skin incision, leaves no scars, and would not cause infection.

2. Less pain: Laser treatment does not require local anesthesia and will not cause obvious pain.

3. Better effect: Laser treatment can kill fungi and inhibit fungal growth, and the treatment effect is obvious.

4. High safety: Laser treatment has no obvious side effects and risks.

At the same time, you also need to be clear with relevant clinical knowledge and pay attention to safety and hygiene issues during the clinical treatment. Please follow those points as below:

1. Feet need to be cleaned before treatment amd ensure they are dry.

2. Appropriate eye protection must be worn during treatment to prevent laser damage to the eyes.

3. During treatment, attention needs to be paid to controlling the laser energy and treatment time to avoid damage to the skin.

4. You need to avoid exposure to the sun after treatment to prevent skin from becoming overly sensitive.

During the procedure, the pathogens that cause foot fungus are targeted, allowing new nails to grow healthily. Unlike some drugs that are applied to treat foot fungus, because ordinary drug treatments only have partial effects, or oral medicine can cause various side effects, for many patients who are unable or unwilling to take oral medicine, laser treatment has no side effects. 980nm Wavelength laser is quickly becoming the best choice for treating fungal foot diseases because of its safety and effectiveness.