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How can laser help prosthodontics treatment?

How can laser help prosthodontics treatment?


Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in replacing missing or damaged teeth. Common restorative treatments include dentures, implants, crowns and bridges. It doesn’t sound relevant to dental laser treatment. But in fact, dental lasers could make a big contribution to prosthodontics treatment, especially in soft tissue preparation.

Before making a denture or crown suitable for the patient, the prosthodontist uses various impression materials to copy the patient tooth and gingival shape. From impression models, prosthodontists can create or use the latest 3D printing to make dentures or crowns for patients. But in practice, not every patient can directly implant their long-desired denture, not because of denture problems, but because of patient gingival problems. 

Usually, when a patient needs prosthodontic treatment, his or her dental condition is worse than ordinary people. When the gingival condition is not good enough, the direct installation of a denture or crown can cause gingival inflammation, swelling and even bleeding. To prevent gingival discomfort, prosthodontists typically evaluate the condition of a patient's teeth and then determine the best way to restore them. Gingival preparation is a necessary step for prosthodontics and includes many types of oral surgery such as crown lengthening, gingival troughing.

In the past, dentists have opted for traditional gingival preparation treatments, such as gingival retraction cord, gingival retraction paste to expose more of the tooth surface; and even adjusting bone level so that the height or size of the visible portion of the tooth can be extended. Therefore, the crown has enough surface area to hold in place. But traditional gingival preparation treatments are prone to gingival pain, swelling, and bleeding. In addition, traditional treatments require several days or more to complete gingival adjustment.

But now, time has changed. Dental diode lasers give prosthodontists more power and more opportunities to achieve prosthodontics. Prosthodontists could not only enrich their prosthodontic treatment but also operate gingival surgeries like periodontists. A laser, however, breaks down barriers in two dental fields.