2023-Jun-15 1031

Why choose the 1470nm to do the vein?

Why choose the 1470nm to do the vein?

The advantage of an endovenous laser therapy with 1470 nm is that the absorption coeffcient of water is 55 to 60 times higher at this wavelength than at 980 nm. Thus, a precise application of laser radiation into the vein wall can be performed. Furthermore, the treatment requires less total energy and shows lower heat generation. 

Due to the use of 1470 nm, the patient comfort is increased, whereas postoperative pain and haematoma are demonstrably reduced.

Due to the special radiation characteristics of the radial fibers combined with the wavelength of 1470 nm, the applied energy is more homogeneously and effectively spread. They enhance patient comfort and reduce post operative pain, hematoma and other side effects. Furthermore, the risk of vein perforations and ulcerations, which can possibly be caused by using conventional 

bare fibers, can be reduced by these applicators.

The S1 Pro model with 1470nm 12W is specially designed for the Phlebology application. The cost-effective and portable makes this model more advantage than other devices. If you are interested, welcome you to leave messages in our web and our sales will contact you as soon as possible.