Laser Management for Early Periodontitis
A periodontal disease starts when the bacteria, (often found in plaque), infect the areas around the teeth and form the hardened substance called calculus.
Laser Teeth Whitening Using Blue Light
Discoloured teeth is aesthetically unpleasant. Bleaching the tooth with bleaching agent is one of the methods used traditionally by dentist.
Laser gingival retraction
Laser gingival retraction is less traumatic to the gums, faster, and can achieve better results than conventional gingival retraction lines after skilled operation.
The most effective dentin desensitization method - Pioon Laser
If your teeth experience temporary pain or weakness when you eat cold, hot, sour, sweet or other irritating foods, you may have dentin hypersensitivity.
Laser- a Breakthrough in Beauty
Nowadays, multi-dimentional applications of laser have been constantly employed in beauty industry.
LVR-making you younger than before
Over the years, a woman’s body goes through innumerable changes, by the way of childbirth and the hormonal changes that comes with each stage of her reproductive life from puberty to menopause.