LVR-making you younger than before
Over the years, a woman’s body goes through innumerable changes, by the way of childbirth and the hormonal changes that comes with each stage of her reproductive life from puberty to menopause.
Treatment for Dentin Hypersensitivity using 980nm
PIOON’s dental laser using 980nm will give you a better effect in dentin hypersensitivity. A good wavelength give you a better choice.
PIOON 450nm blue diode laser - An innovative tool in modern dental practice
Compared with infrared, the three-wavelength 450nm wavelength of PIOON blue diode laserhas a high level of absorption of melanin and hemoglobin, which can directly act on human tissues and make tissues vaporize.
Laser Application in Periodontics
Lasers are beneficial in reducing traditional surgical problems such as bleeding, reduced vision, pain, scarring, suturing, bacteremia, long healing period and wound contraction.
PLDD- Percutaneous laser disc decompression
Percutaneous laser disc decompression is an effective and cost-effective intervention for the treatment of herniated discs.
Revolutionary advantages of PIOON 450nm laser for ENT treatment
Many benefits of laser diodes make clinical approaches for ENT specialists easier, faster, and clearer, without side effects during and after surgical operations.