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Laser- a Breakthrough in Beauty

Laser- a Breakthrough in Beauty

Nowadays, multi-dimentional applications of laser have been constantly employed in beauty industry.

(1)Laser is world-widely used in beauty industry.

Laser is monochromatic light with high energy, accurate focus and relative penetration. It acts on human body and generates high heat so as to remove or destroy the target tissues. Pulse laser of different wavelengths can treat all kinds of vascular skin diseases and pigmentation, such as bright red nevus, freckles, senile spots, telangiectasia, etc. Ultra-pulse CO2 laser and erbium laser used for wrinkle removal, skin peeling, snoring treatment, whitening teeth and so on, having achieved good curative effect on laser surgery to open up more and more broad field.

(2)Laser surgery has incomparable advantages over traditional surgery. 

Firstly, laser surgery needs no hospitalization and causes small surgical incision, with no bleeding in operative, light trauma or no scar, while defects such as wide scope of stripping and bleeding in operative, as well as slow postoperative healing occur under

the treatment of traditional operation.

(3)Laser has excellent effect on the treatment of vascular dermatosis and pigmentation.

Marvelous use of pulsed dye laser treatment on bright red nevus exerts remarkable effect, leaving little damage to the surrounding tissue with almost no scars. Its emergence has become a revolution for red nevus, because treatments of radiation, freezing, electric cauterization, surgery and other methods lead to high incidence of scars, with side-effects like discoloration or pigmentation. It is highly accurate and safe, and does no harm to the surrounding tissues. Therefore, laser treatment also has significant effect on capillaries.

(4)Laser surgery ushers in a new era of medical beauty.

High-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser dermabrasion has been a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery. It uses high energy and short pulse laser, so that the aging, damaged skin tissue is instantly vaporized, which has no hurts on the surrounding tissue or almost no bleeding in the treatment process, thus accurately controlling the whole process. Its effect has been fully recognized by the international medical cosmetic industry, known as " a new era of medical beauty"; In addition, there are more high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser treatment of eye bags, snoring, or even laser whitening teeth, with its safe and accurate curative effect, simple and fast treatment in the medical beauty industry to create tremendous miracles. Laser in beauty makes medical cosmetology a big step forward, entitling a new connotation to the medical cosmetology.