2022-Apr-02 1948

The most effective dentin desensitization method - Pioon Laser

The most effective dentin desensitization method - Pioon Laser

If your teeth experience temporary pain or weakness when you eat cold, hot, sour, sweet or other irritating foods, you may have dentin hypersensitivity.

The occurrence of dentine hypersensitivity is mainly related to attrition, attrition, acid erosion, fissure, wedge defect, enamel hypoplasia, caries and gingival retreat, which lead to direct exposure of dentin tubules in the tooth neck to oral environment without enamel or cementum occlusion. Dentin hypersensitivity is treated by sealing exposed dentin tubules and reducing the excitability of pulp nerves. Pioon dental laser is a highly effective option.

The principle of dentin laser desensitization is as follows:
① Using the instantaneous thermal effect of laser on tissue, denaturation of organic matter and melting of inorganic matter on dentin surface, sealing and blocking dentin tubules.
② The heat generated by irradiation can reduce the fluid flow in the dentin tubule and even make it evaporate, thus reducing or even isolating the sensitivity of the dentin tubule to external stimulation.
③ Laser irradiation can stimulate odontoblast cells to improve the defense function and promote the formation of restorative dentin.

Pioon laser therapy, as a safe, quick and convenient treatment measure, has achieved good efficacy alone or in combination with other agents, and has been paid more and more attention by dentists.