Why 980nm has been the gold standard for Surgical Laser for so long?
Diode lasers are among the most efficient converters of electrical energy into laser light. Various tissue reactions can be induced this was such as coagulation, vaporization, or welding. Diode lasers offer a rather deep tissue penetration. By changing laser parameters, different tissue effects can be generated. This opens a broad range of possible indications.
Dual In-office teeth whitening using S1 Pioon laser, 450nm wavelength
Today Dr. Shanin Farista from India will showcase you a case of Dual In-office teeth whitening using S1 Pioon laser, 450nm wavelength. In this video you can clearly learn the whole procedure and the comparison of the pre- and post-operative pictures.
After evolution of LASERS, conventional techniques are replaced by LASER. PIOON Laser offers different wavelengths like 450nm/810nm or 980nm. In this case before the frenotomy procedure tension test was performed to detect the abnormal frena visually by applying tension over the frenum.
What is Operculectomy and why is it performed
Operculectomy is the procedure of surgically removing the operculum or the flap of gum that partially covers over a tooth. This procedure treats pericoronitis, a condition characterized by pain and inflammation of the operculum. Pericoronitis typically occurs among young adults, especially those whose wisdom tooth is starting to erupt.
Frenectomy procedure using S1 Pioon laser in Padiatric patient
Today Dr. Sana Farista from India are going to demonstrate and talk about Frenectomy procedure in Pediatric patient. With S1 Pioon laser, this procedure will simply be done without pain and bleeding.
Why 1940nm represents the latest development in Phlebology lasers?
EVLT (Endovenous Laser Ablation) allows minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins through a small puncture to get quicker healing and a better outcome, without need for vein stripping and surgery.