2022-Feb-11 1718

Revolutionary advantages of PIOON 450nm laser for ENT treatment

Revolutionary advantages of PIOON 450nm laser for ENT treatment


The use of lasers in ENT laser operations is the current general practice. Thanks to the evolution of laser sources, the surgical otolaryngology approach has been revolutionized by the ability to perform minimally invasive, highly precise surgery, suitable for a wide range of treatments for diseases of ear/nose/throat.

Many benefits of laser diodes make clinical approaches for ENT specialists easier, faster, and clearer, without side effects during and after surgical operations. Diode lasers with wavelength of 450nm are mainly used in otolaryngology. Due to the peak absorption of 450nm in hemoglobin and its permeability in water, as well as the better interaction between the blue laser and the tissue components hemoglobin or melanin. This allows ENT surgery to perform better and milder cuts even at lower power.

PIOON 450nm Blue Revolutionary Semiconductor Laser is an innovative medical device that emits a powerful laser beam through optical fiber directly to the target network.  Compared to Laser CO2, this special wavelength shows significantly better hemostasis and prevents intraoperative bleeding, even in hemorrhagic structures such as nasal polyps and hemangioma. With semiconductor laser systems, cutting, incisions, and hyperplasia vectorization and tumor tissue can be effectively finished with almost no side effects.

PIOON laser offers various possibilities for minimally invasive laser care from ear, nose, and throat disease.