How long have dental lasers been around?
Lasers have been used in Dentistry since 1990. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that lasers provide safe and effective treatment of a wide range of applications.
How do implant doctors use dental laser effectively?
In the field of oral implantology and its surgical procedures, the dental laser offers numerous advantages over conventional tools.
M2 from Pioon, a TV interview in Egypt with a leading proctologist
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ghazlani has shared in full the application of M2 medical laser in proctology surgery and he had high praise for the results of the 1470nm during procedure!!
Conservative dentistry & endodontics
In this video, we’re honored to have Dr. Neha Pankey, reputed Pedodontist, laser specialist and Divas In Laser from India, to demonstrate root canal disinfection during pulpectomy using S1 Pioon laser at 980nm wavelength in deciduous molar.
Soft tissue treatment allows procedures to be performed on young children and infants who would otherwise require a general anesthetic.