PIOON Dental Laser 2.0 Software
PIOON Dental laser 2.0 software, smarter and simpler, every detail is carefully crafted for the convenience of dentists.
Join us online and discover the latest in Laser Dentistry!
The well known Dr. Walid Altayeb will talk about "Ideal Clinical Laser Dentistry by Using Multi Diode Wavelengths" in the ALD 2021 Virtual Conference.
Don't know how to use dental lasers?
With hardware and software fully upgrades, PIOON will once again lead the industry in the era of dental laser 2.0. Please contact us for more information!
28th Annual ALD First VIRTUAL Session with Pioon
We are excited to attend the 28th Annual ALD First VIRTUAL Session,where we will explore the science of dental lasers, including landmark dental research and hands-on training,to ensure dental practitioners evolve together with the revolutionary changes in the discipline.
Laser photobiomodulation in dentistry
Dr. Jason Pang will talk about Photobiomodulation myths and facts. How to use lasers to improve healing, reduce inflammation and pain for general dentistry and orofacial pain conditions. The art and the science of this under-utilised treatment and how to avoid the pitfalls of over-treatment.
We are grateful to all supports to PIOON in 2020
PIOON will bring new technologies with better products and services in 2021 Merry Christmas!!!!