PIOON Dental Laser Training in Morocco
The two-day laser training was successfully completed!Live surgery and Workshops with Pioon's S3/H1 dental laser.
Lip Depigmentation
Today, Dr. Sana Farista from India will demonstrate the treatment of Hyperpigmented Lips with Pioon laser 980nm.Just 7 days! Pioon Laser will bring back natural and original pink lips for you.
M2 medical laser
The newest video about our M2 medical laser, which is a multi-functional device and can do many applications.
New Year wishes from Pioon
Happy Holidays!!!?? The Pioon Laser team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ?? Wish you and your family members always healthy and happy. Wish your company has a bright and prosperous future.
Dental Laser 2.0
Technology Redefining Simplicity.Every details, designed to simplify your treatment ultimately.Pioon will expand further market with you
Clinical training for Columbia partners - frenectomy.
Clinical training for Columbia partners - frenectomy.Clinical guidance for frenectomy from PIOON's partner.