PIOON Medical Laser in Colombia
Pioon sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming exhibition, welcome to visit our S3 three-wavelength dental laser!
PIOON Medical Laser in Brazil
It is an international symposium on endovascular surgery, and the only one with an adequate focus on the venous territory in Latin America.
Pioon S3 Blue Dental Laser in Qatar.
It’s a wonderful training by Dr.Walid in Qatar. If you want to learn more, there is a ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course held by Dr.Walid in Istanbul on August 6-7, 2022.
PIOON Dental Laser in Peru.
Amilcar Nivin's wonderful laser clinical training and live demonstration!
ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course with hands-on.
Topic covered: Fundamentals of Laser, Laser-Tissues Interactions , Safe Laser Operational Parameters , Lasers in Periodontal Treatment , Gingival Depigmentation , Lasers –Assisted Implantology , Photobiomodulation Therapy ...
PIOON Dental Laser in Serbia
A wonderful Laser education to help more people know about lasers. Thanks to our partners for the organization.