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Witness the M2 1940nm Laser Transform Proctology Surgery!

Witness the M2 1940nm Laser Transform Proctology Surgery!

👏Discover the clinical impact of PIOON’s M2 1940nm laser in Proctology Surgery through our latest video from Indonesia. 🌟 This demonstration highlights how the M2 enhances surgical outcomes and improves patient care.

🔹 Why Choose the M2 1940nm Laser?

✅ Higher Water Absorption: Operates effectively at just 4-6W, outperforming traditional 1470nm lasers.

✅ Reduced LEED: Linear endovenous energy density below 50 J/cm for optimal safety.

✅ Enhanced Patient Safety: Minimizes pain and eliminates the risks of burns and skin scarring.

✅ High Success, Low Complications: Balances excellent procedural success rates with minimal complications.

🔬Our M2 laser is designed to elevate surgical precision and patient comfort. At PIOON, we are committed to pioneering medical laser technology that delivers real clinical benefits. 🚀

📹 Watch Now and experience the future of proctology surgery! Curious about discovering the features of the M2? Contact us now to learn more!