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PIOON Jointly with ALD providing 2 days, total of 8hours dental LASER training Camp

PIOON Jointly with ALD providing 2 days, total of 8hours dental LASER training Camp

As a leading supplier of Medical &Dental LASER , PIOON team has been involved in this field for years, dedicated to providing perfect solution of medical grade LASER surgery and therapy. Focusing on clinical training, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, PIOON has made efforts to integrate the fragmented clinical training resources, and has launched several high-quality webinars in a short period of time, which have been highly regarded by doctors and distributors.

Later this month, PIOON team will invite renowned lecture Dr. Walid Altayeb from Academy of Laser Dentistry (abbreviated ALD) to conduct an 8-hours’ dental LASER training online as a reward for 20 elite  dental practitioners, which will be launched on 19th June.

Introduction of ALD and Dr. Walid Altayeb

ALD: Academy of Laser Dentistry, one of the world’s most authoritative education institution for LASER dentistry, provides with the most comprehensive world-class clinical education, research and practice guidance for the safe and effective use of LASER technology that ensures both patients' and practice's well-being.

Dr. Walid Altayeb:

  • Founder of:  

    • ALD Gulf Laser Chapter

    • Academy of ALD International Relations Committee.

    • Laser section in the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry

    • Professional Diploma in Advanced Laser Dentistry of BAIRD.

  • MSc in Periodontics in 2004 and PhD in Periodontics in 2007

  • Master of Academy of Laser Dentistry, Florida, USA

  • Academy of Laser Dentistry Board of Directors and ALD Speakers Bureau

  • Participated in many conferences in Middle East and USA as speaker in the fields of Periodontal Medicine and Laser Dentistry

  • Received The John G. Sulewski Distinguished Service Award / 2019 of ALD

  • General Secretary of iLED 2018 and iLED 2019 conferences

Introduction of course

This two day training includes two parts of unilateral instruction in total of 6 hours with break and Q&A session in each part. Dr.Walid has carefully prepared diversified learning materials, contain didactic scientific education, clinical cases review, and there will be learning assessment instrument of questions.

Regarding of 11 selected topics:

Day1——19th June

  • Review Basic Science and Fundamentals of LASER

  • Diode wavelengths Tissue Interaction

  • Diode LASER –Assisted Gingivoplasty and Crown Lengthening

  • Gingival Depigmentation with Diode wavelengths

  • LASER Safety - Clinical recommendations on LASER Safety

Day2——21st June

  • LASER in Periodontal Treatment

  • Diode LASER in Oral Surgery & Implantology

  • Diode LASER in Restorative Dentistry

  • Diode LASER in Endodontics

  • Photobiomodulation (Low Level LASER Therapy)

  • LASER Practice Management and Course Conclusion

More than just providing valuable lessons, the PIOON team will also reward the 20 participants with plentiful incentives.It will include PIOON certification and Bonus Points; Integrated learning materials; Opportunity to be clinical mentor and authorized lecturer of PIOON; Potential to be promoted by PIOON homepage if quality Information provided.

Participants will be rewarded with a customized premium signage certificate if sharing original clinical cases done using LASER .

PIOON team see this training as an excellent chance for in-depth study about LASER dentistry provided to quality partners, and a milestone of seeking the integration of the PIOON’s complete eco-chain of Dental & Medical LASER . They will contribute wholeheartedly to the overall success of this training.