2024-Feb-07 585

Record important moment in Dubai AEEDC 2024

Record important moment in Dubai AEEDC 2024


A very impressive, enthusiastic and professional laser dentistry course was successfully held in The Dubai World Dental Meeting (DWDM2024 ) Day. 

The most important person @Omar Hamadah, really appreciate your enthusiastic and professional laser course and thank you for your efforts that brought very valuable laser dentistry knowledge to all doctors and to AEEDC 2024. 

Thank you الكيال لحلول الهندسة الطبيةand Tomasz Misztela, our professional and excellent partners, thank you for your attendance and assistance on site, we are on the way to better future because of you. 

And always never forget to thank you all doctors, attendees, and on-site assistance personnel from hotel, sincerely appreciate everyone. PIOON presents and adheres to our philosophy of professional medical laser equipment, professional on-site laser training, and professional exhibition support forever, we are always your best medical laser choice and supporter.

Let's look forward to the next laser course on Friday 9th February: DENTAL LASER STANDARD LEVEL COURSE, lectured by our old friend Walid Al Tayeb fromAcademy of Laser Dentistry,  laser knowledge is always waiting for you!