Pioon dental laser in Vietnam!
This is a wonderful clinical practice sharing by using the Pioon laser during the workshop in Vietnam. H1 and S3 are two specialized dental laser devices offered by Pioon, with hardware and software systems specifically designed specifically to meet all the needs of dental specialists.
MEDICA 2022: Dusseldorf Germany, 14-17 November.
PIOON will meet our partner again, and we also don't want to miss out on new friends, already looking forward to seeing you at this year's MEDICA! ? Will you be there?
Pioon H1 Dental Laser in India.
It’s a wonderful workshop in India. And we are looking forward to more dentists doing the perfect dental treatment with this unparalleled H1 smart soft tissue dental laser.
• Basic Dental Laser knowledge. • Process, application and advantages of Dental Laser. • Low power laser.
PIOON Medical Laser in Colombia
Pioon sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming exhibition, welcome to visit our S3 three-wavelength dental laser!
PIOON Medical Laser in Brazil
It is an international symposium on endovascular surgery, and the only one with an adequate focus on the venous territory in Latin America.