2020-Jun-11 2716

S1 Blue 3 Wavelengths Dental Laser/ PIOON Dentistry Restorative Crown Lengthening

I have selected S1 Triple wavelength PIOON Laser, and I'll be using 980nm wavelength for the same procedure. Before we start the procedure, first very important step is to measure the biological width by bone sounding method. We will select 980nm wavelength and 400 micron tip. 

So we will divide the surgical procedure into 3 simple steps: 

Step 1 is at a low watt, We will pre-mark the tissue which has to be removed in the form of dots. 

Step 2 is we will connect the dots and increase the watt a little bit, Because we need an incision there. 

and Step 3 is crevicular Incision which goes like this, We will relieve the entire area, And we will remove the tissue which is required to be removed. And that's how we will do a soft tissue crown lengthening procedure.