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Laser Tooth Desensitization

Laser Tooth Desensitization

Tooth hypersensitivity is a frequent condition that causes discomfort and sometimes severe pain. This happens when the underlying tooth roots are exposed. These roots contain small pores (tubules) which lead directly to the nerve of the tooth.

Lasers have been proven to be effective at decreasing or even eliminating dental sensitivity. It directs the laser energy into the sensitive areas and the laser suppresses the potential of the nerve fibers by sealing the tubules. It is a simple procedure which requires no anesthetic.


Laser is recommended for immediate relief in cases of dentine hypersensitivity arising from non-carious tooth lesions 


  • Set the laser parameters 

  • Do not initiate the tip 

  • Laser tip is kept perpendicular to the tooth surface, 1-2 mm away from the target area 

  • Keep the tip continuously moving within the target area for a period of 20 secs 

  • Sessions can be repeated after 2-3 days until symptoms disappear in absence of any causative agent 

  • To get better results stannous fluoride can be applied on tooth and then laser 

  • irradiation can be done following the same parameters and technique 

  • Immediate temporary relief from sensitivity can be observed after lasing the tooth surface

The use of a dental laser may make you feel more comfortable and less anxious during your treatments