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The best choice for the Pilonidal sinus

The best choice for the Pilonidal sinus

Contrary to conventional methods, laser treats pilonidal sinuses in depth. Laser removes inflammable structures and sinuses. The removal of pilonidal sinus with this laser-surgical techniques takes approximately 30 minutes in most cases. 

After the shaving, cleaning and scrubbing the skin with alcoholic chlorhexidine, the different pits are enlarged with a mosquito clamp and the hairs are removed from the sinus. A stylet is then inserted in each sinus to determine the length, direction and size of each one and to choose the right size of the laser probe. Before beginning the procedure, saline water is injected under the skin around the pits and the tracts to cool it and to avoid burning of the surrounding tissues. Then a radial diode laser probe at 1470 nm wavelength is used. Laser energy is 10 Watts. The fibre delivers energy homogeneously at 360 degree in a continuous way. While the probe is withdrawn at an approximate speed of 1 mm per second, the sinus shrinks and closes. If the tract is not closed after a first withdrawal, a second performance is done. 

The damage of treatment is minimal and the healing process is thus quicker, easier and mostly without any pain. In the treatment of complete healing and restoration of pilonidal cyst there is no serious risk of recurrence. Recurrences are rare. Laser surgery is clearly better compared to other surgical procedures.

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