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Why Use lasers to whiten teeth?

Why Use lasers to whiten teeth?

 We all know that a person's teeth should be white and bright. And some people have yellow teeth. Beautiful teeth, experts say, generally speaking, ordinary teeth whitening methods can only achieve remove tooth surface appendages or cover up the shading effect, can not fundamentally change the teeth, a breakthrough in laser tooth whitening at this point, the teeth without damage, greatly reduce the possibility of a tooth is overheating or sensitive, The effect is not the same as that of ordinary tooth whitening methods.

Laser tooth whitening is by unique whitening output of semiconductor laser wavelength, inspire prior daub on the surface of the teeth, teeth whitening gel, the laser can be selectively applied to the teeth of the pigment particles, catalytic gel to react with pigment, removal of dental calculus, the purpose of soft plaque, pigment, YanZi and sweat, recover white teeth.

What are the advantages of laser teeth whitening? 

Safety: laser teeth whitening time to complete a whole oral teeth whitening time is not more than 30 minutes, irradiation time per tooth is not more than 1 minute, so it greatly reduces the possibility of teeth overheating or sensitivity.

Painless: laser teeth whitening treatment will not hurt, so there is no need for anesthesia. After treatment, because of the continuous effect of the drug, the tooth will have a slight tingling feeling on the day. Most cases will improve after a few hours on the day and will not feel uncomfortable.

High efficiency: The efficiency of laser whitening teeth is 29.5 times that of simply using bleaching gel. The treatment handle designed according to ergonomic principles can treat four teeth at the same time.

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