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Advantages of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Advantages of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids, although not a life-threatening disease, hinder people's lives. Moreover, severe hemorrhoids can also cause great harm to the human body. There is a surgical method to treat hemorrhoids, called laser hemorrhoid surgery. Next, Pioon will introduce the advantages of laser treatment of hemorrhoids.

Simplified Procedure and Short Operation Time

The operation is simple and the operation time is short: the operation time is generally 8 to 15 minutes on average, and the intraoperative bleeding is very little.

The treatment of prolapsed annular internal hemorrhoids and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids is effective: if the distance between the purse-string suture site and the dentition line is appropriate, the prolapsed hemorrhoid mass can be seen retracting into the anal canal immediately after the stapler is pulled out during the operation. Although about 1.7% to 33.0% of patients in the early postoperative period can have a small amount of blood in their stool, but in the medium and long-term follow-up ~100% of the patients have disappeared before the operation. The author performed the operation in 52 cases and followed up for 1 to 10 months. After operation, 98% of the patients were satisfied with the operation effect, and the symptoms of preoperative bleeding, prolapse and perianal dampness disappeared.

Mild and Brief Post-Operative Anal Pain

Post-operative anal pain is mild and time-consuming: because there is no wound in the anal skin and edema is common after external peeling and internal ligation, although about 30% of patients complain of anal pain after surgery, the degree and duration of pain vary significantly. Shorter than ordinary surgery, the former is an average of 2 days, while the latter is an average of 6 days.

Short Hospital Stay and Early Return to Normal Activities

Short postoperative hospital stay, return to normal life and work early: the average postoperative hospital stay is generally 1 to 4 days, and the author's unit case is 3.5 days. Due to the fewer complications after the operation, some authors have recently tried to perform the operation in an outpatient clinic without hospitalization, and normal life and work can be resumed in about 7 days after the operation.

Versatility for a Diverse Patient Population

Few long-term complications: Except for the report of mild anal incontinence in 2 of the 57 cases, there are no complications such as anal stenosis and fecal incontinence in the literature.

Suitable for many objects: Due to less damage, it is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, white-collar workers who pay attention to efficiency, patients with traditional treatment recurrence, and patients with mild prolapse of the anus and rectal mucosal prolapse.

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