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The Performance of 450nm Diode Laser in Oral Surgery Procedures.

The Performance of 450nm Diode Laser in Oral Surgery Procedures.


The 450nm diode laser proved of being very efficient in the oral soft tissue surgical procedures, with no side effects for the patients. Many papers described the advantages for laser assisted oral surgery as the reduction of the surgical time, the absence of bleeding and consequently the good vision of the surgical site, the possibility to avoid  anaesthesia and suture with a greater compliance for the patient and the better and faster healing process. 

Today, in addition to lasers working in infrared spectrum, for oral surgery we can use wavelengths working in the visible spectrum. For example, Argon laser (435nm) useful in oral surgery but also in restorative dental field, and KTP laser (532nm) well working in oral surgery thanks to its characteristics at low parameters and with a good bleeding control. Blue light has been evaluated also for its biomodulatory properties, with laser or LED devices, showing positive effects. 

The advantages of the utilization of 450nm laser in oral surgery, showing undeniable benefits for its use at low power. During the operative session it allows for the reduction of the time of the intervention, the avoidance of the anaesthetic injection and the control of the tissue bleeding. From the patient’s comfort point of view, it allows us to minimize the pain and avoid the use of suture. During the follow-up, the use of drugs is not requested, and pain, discomfort, oedema and infection are not present. The healing process is very fast and was completed in a week without side effects. From the histological point of view, the sample removed shows significantly fewer zones of carbonization, so as avoiding the risk of the impossibility of not being able to make a correct diagnosis of the lesion. The blue laser may be considered a good approach in oral soft tissues surgery.

Together with specific wavelengths for soft tissues, the Pioon blue diode laser (450nm) will offer you amazing dental treatment results.

P1. Tissue State after Dental Soft Tissue Surgery Using Blue Light Laser(450nm)

A large area of fibrous connective tissue with some portions of epithelium-connective detachments and a regular incision with very scanty areas of carbonization. A: Fibrous connective tissue without signs of inflammation; B: Regular incision with discrete signs of coagulations.