2022-May-27 1453

Dental diode laser treatment of periodontitis

Dental diode laser treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis is a common chronic infectious disease in human oral cavity. Chronic periodontitis often leads to root surface exposure due to alveolar bone absorption, periodontal pocket formation and gingival atrophy. The main purpose of periodontal treatment is to remove plaque and calculus, level the root surface and promote the formation of periodontal reattachment. 

As a common basic treatment method, manual curettage still has some disadvantages: time-consuming and laborious, high sensitivity to operation, the root bifurcation cannot be reached by the instrument, patients will have discomfort during treatment, postoperative symptoms such as tooth sensitivity; In addition, simple scraping will also form scratches and sullied layers on the surface of the root of the tooth. 

Compared with traditional treatment, Diode laser is simple and convenient to operate, and has unique functions in sterilization, removal of contaminated layer, gasification of dental calculus, and relief of dentin sensitivity.  

At present, dental diode laser is widely used in the auxiliary treatment of oral diseases.