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Medical Laser In Proctology

Medical Laser In Proctology

What is Laser proctology?

Laser proctology refers to the treatment of diseases of colon, anus and rectum via laser application. Haemorrhoid, fistula, fissures, polyps and Pilonidal Sinus are a few diseases that are effectively treated using laser techniques.

Medical Diode Laser has an active application in minimally invasive treatment. Wavelengths suitable for absorption by tissues, precisely adjustable energy, and high adaptability to various surgical fibers are features that distinguish laser treatment from traditional scalpel-based ways.

Applications of laser in proctology are mainly for soft tissue lesions such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, condyloma, etc. Cutting, vaporizing, and coagulating can be achieved for treatment by precisely controlling the laser output on tissues with cooperation of endoscope and fibers.


M2 Surgical Laser is one of the most advanced laser systems for Proctology, providing with a platform for operating excellent outpatient surgical procedures: local anesthesia, rapid operation, cutting without bleeding, less inflammatory response and faster recovery.

Why Choose M2 Surgical Laser

M2 Surgical Laser System's dual wavelength capabilities and intelligent user-friendly operating system are perfect for various procedures of Proctology.

1. Dual-wavelength

980nm + 1470nm are both superior wavelengths for soft tissue surgery, combination provides higher surgical suitability and can be selected for individual use or blended together to achieve better treatment results.

2. Multi-mode selection

M2 provides with a variety of laser output modes, including continuous, pulsed, ultra-pulsed, group pulsed, etc. Based on different surgical requirements and the physician's judgment of different patients.

3. Precisely Controllable Fiber

In addition to bare fiber, M2 is also available in a variety of specially designed proctology fibers with various ports, Flat tip/ Radial/ Pointed tip fiber with LUER adapter, etc. 

* Standard SMA905 connector to ensure sufficient inclusiveness to fibers.