laser therapy
  • PIOON Class IV therapeutic lasers deliver multi red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light with adequate energy to reach the deep tissue and produce the desired primary effects of photobiomodulation, which results the therapeutic effects. High Power Laser therapy effects including:

    1.Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
    2. Faster Wound Healing
    3. Reduced Fibrous (Scar) Tissue Formation
    4. Decreases Inflammation
    5. Analgesic Effect (Decreases Pain)
    6. Increased Vascularity (Decreases Swelling)
    7. Improved Nerve Function
    8. Reduces Muscle Spasm & Trigger Points

    Multiple wavelengths

    absorption rate of laser wavelength Wavelength is the primary determinant of tissue penetration for a therapy laser. In the tissue, there are three elements that absorb laser photons and energy majorly. They are water, melanin and hemoglobin. Each component has its own absorption curve. With its advanced multiple laser beam coupling technology, PIOON therapeutic laser can produce up to 5 wavelengths in a single shot of laser beam to biostimulate the deep tissues and enhance the repair and regeneration processes achieving maximum therapeutic results.


    660nm is mostly absorbed by the melanin in the skin. The laser light can inhibit bacteria and promote cell reforming. So, it has the best result for wound healing and scar tissue regulation.


    810nm laser light can effectively absorbed by the enzyme in the cell to produce more ATP, which is the energy source for body cell dynamics.


    910nm beam is ideal for help hemoglobin cell to release oxygen quickly, which is the fuel of cell. The more oxygen in the cell, the faster healing processes will achieve.


    The majority of the blood is water. It brings the oxygen to the cell and takes the waste products away. Water in the blood has its absorption peak at 980nm. The laser light of 980nm can greatly increase the blood flow in both micro and macro vein system to help accelerating the exchange of the treatment body.


    As laser wavelength goes longer and further infrared, the penetration of laser beam will be deeper in the tissue. This mechanism is very useful for nerve cell treatment. Sometimes the nerve cell is as deep as close to the bond. 1060nm has fantastic penetration depth to the body tissue for nerve cell related therapy.
    It is a high-power, therapeutic laser with the ability to stimulate accelerated healing energy within a continuum of treatment depths from superficial to extremely deep (6-9 inches). This enables the accelerated treatment of superficial injuries, sprains/strains, and deep intra-articular tissues (inside of joints) unreachable by any other physical therapy modality, Class III “low-level“laser (LLLT) Compared with the LLLT , the HPLT offer bran-new therapeutic technology with the distinctive characteristics.
    high power laser therapy
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