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  • Pioon Mars For Surgery
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  • The smallest, The high powerful

    Only with the support of our newly designed power supply module, the advanced diode laser technology and high-efficiency cooling system, the medical diode laser can appear in exquisite small shape and outputting such precise high power laser at the same time. The innovative smart operation platform will lead you an entirely new model.
    presice diode laser surgery

    The change is popularizing the advanced medical laser technology

    The Mars series from PIOON, can fully support the most advanced and potential applications in laser surgery, creating the value for you and improving the therapeutic effectiveness.
    Most popular products: MF810nm 20-50W MG980nm 20-60W
    Most advanced products: MH1470nm 15W    MK 1064nm 20W
    Frontier technology products: MI1920nm 7W
    surgical diode laser system

    Blaze new trails, leading the new generation of medical laser technology

    Core dual-CPU intelligent power system and advanced laser system ensure the stable and precise output as well as the safety and efficiency of the procedures.
    High-end platform based design ensures that the product can be synchronized with the development of advanced medical laser technology.
    Intelligent operation platform offers you brand new unusual experience. Everything will be simple and smart.
    We extend our service from the device to patient management and clinical training. Personalized customization is to build the new generation of production model.
    innovation medical diode lasers
    high cost surgical laser

    Quantity, applications,price and usage cost are the major concerns.

    With the most advanced technology and best manufacturing resource, we can provide you most affordable products with high quantity.
    Fully support you with clinical technologies and accessories for your handy with facility which gives full play to the precise diode laser surgery.
    Join in our membership, we will provide you high quantity consumables with competitive price in the long term, maximizing the clinical value and popularizing the advanced clinical applications.

    Service From Pioon Laser

    Service requires upgrade and innovation as well

    The world’s only remote and wireless technology for automatic software updates.
    As our member, you will get the extended time of warranty for free
    As our member, you will be supported by our latest clinical protocols

  • Mars MF MG MH MK MI
    Laser Wavelength 810nm 980nm 1470nm 1064nm 1920nm
    Laser Power 50W Max 60W Max 15W Max 20W Max 6W Max
    Display / Control 7” 720P HD Touch-Screen / Smart OS
    Aiming Beam 650nm <2mW
    Fiber Connection medical fibers 200μm, 400μm and 600μm with Standard SMA 905 connector
    Operating Modes CW/Pulsed/G-Pulsed
    Power Requirements 100 ~ 220 VAC, 3A, 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions(L*W*H) 300 * 220 * 200 mm
    Weight(without case) 5Kg


    The Venous reflux disease has significant prevalence in the general population. Up to 55% of women and 45% of men suffer from venous disease. Endovenous Laser Treatment for the elimination of varicose veins is quickly becoming the gold-standard in the treatment of varicose veins.
    Endovenous laser treatment treats varicose veins using an optical fiber that is inserted into great saphenous vein (GSV) or small saphenous vein (SSV) to be treated. the inner part of the vessel wall gets irreversibly destroyed, thus eliminating the dysfunctional vein. Compare with other wavelength, the new 1470nm laser energy with higher absorption preferentially absorbed in the intracellular water of the vein wall and in the water content of blood, and as a result, less collateral thermal damage has improved the technique further, enabling safe, rapid, and precise use of energy to coagulate the vessel with minimal impact on neighboring tissue structures.
    Endovenous Laser System
    1470nm laser requires less energy output, Energy delivery to the diseased vein is performed using Radial Emitting Fiber, providing circular emission directed at the vessel wall, allowing immediate closure of the vein. By avoiding perforation of the vein wall and associated thermal irritation of the surrounding tissue, post-operative pain is minimized, as are ecchymosis and other side-effects.
    In the visual guide by the Vein Viewer, endovenous laser treatment will become more and more simple, safe and efficient, greatly reduce the risk in the process of operation, improve the operation precision, this way will become operative technology updates.
    vascluar laser surgery by vein viewer


    PLDD (Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression) is a latest treatment procedure for the treatment of spinal problem in neck and back pain. It is performed under fluoroscopic guidance and inserting a needle into the disk. A thin optical fiber is inserted through the needle to apply laser energy to the nucleus of the disk. Laser evaporates disc materials and creates negative a pressure which gradually pulls the herniation backwards into the disk. There is no incision and is therefore much less invasive and surgical risk of spine surgery is much minimized by this procedure. This procedure is safe & approved by Federal Drug Administrtion for the treatment of prolapsed Intervertebral disc.
    From the early traditional ND:YAG laser to today's diode laser, PLDD operation become more and more mature and high precision, especially the risk of thermal damage get lower, the 980nm diode laser is widely applied in PLDD, now the new 1470nm wavelength will again bring more obvious advantages, treatment by the lower energy since the high efficiency of water the absorption rate, vaporization effect is much better.
    percutaneous laser disk decompression


    The diode Lasers is now universally accepted as the most advanced technological tool in various specialities of surgery. It offers the most bloodless surgery available today. This laser is especially suited for ENT works and finds application in various aspects of surgery in the ear, nose, larynx, neck etc. With the Diode Laser, there has been a significant improvement in the quality of ENT surgery.
    Diode LASER contributes to a more selective and Minimally invasive surgery, minimizing the risk and post-operative period in hospital, it is indeed able to transmit to the fabric up to 30 W of LASER energy at a wavelength of 810 or 980nm; this ensures a precise cutting / coagulation and a excellent tissue vaporization. The possibility of using different sizes optical fibers (200, 400, 600 and 1000um), both in “contact” and “no contact” modality, allows a very effective use in endoscopy.
    laser surgery for ears, nose, and throat
    -Laser assisted tuboplasty of the eustachian tube (LETP) with a dedicated micro endoscope
    -Turbinate treatment
    -Septum spur, septum deformation
    -Nasal sinus surgery
    -Tonsillotomy, tonsillectomy/LAUP

    Endoscopy / Micro endoscopy
    -Eustachian tube
    -Lacrimal passages
    -Saliva way
    -Micro otology
    -Micro sinus surgery

    Oral / Larynx / Surgery
    -Polypectomy in area of vocal ligaments
    -Polyps-/ papilloma resection
    -Epistaxis treatment
    -Laryngeal carcinoma
    -Cysts, mucous cysts
    -DCR treatment / Lacrimal surgery
    -Removal of stenois in lacrimalis
    -Synechia, stenosis in endonasal structures
    -Tumor, Granuloma resection
    -Congenital larynx stenosis
    -Morbus Osler

    Otology -Paracentesis, myringotomy
    -Mucosa hyperplasia
    -Stapes surgery
    -Removal of cholesteatoma

  • For Surgery

    Bare Fiber
    Fiber Cutter
    Focus Handpiece
    Laser Safety Eyewear
    optical bare fibers

    Bare Fiber

    Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistant and optical transmission performance, with widely clinical application.
    Core[μm] Connector Length[m] Order No
    200 SMA905 3.0 702020
    300 SMA905 3.0 702030
    400 SMA905 3.0 702040
    600 SMA905 3.0 702050

    cutting bare fiber

    Fiber Cutter

    Bare fiber cutting
    Cutting range: 200-800um
    Order No: 003083
    diode laser remove red blood silk

    Focus Handpiece

    It can use with Pioon laser system, special for spider vein
    300um, 400um fiber
    Magnification confocal: 1:1
    Spot diameter: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
    Order No: 003030
    NIR laser safty goggle


    Adult protective goggles
    CE certified
    Range of wavelength: 800-1100nm
    Order No: 003033

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