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S1 Blue Design Innovations

The latest dental laser technology: Blue Laser
Hybrid Wavelengths:470+650+810/980nm, can be used in 45 clinical applications.
The intelligent operating system based on android makes the treatment more convenient.

What is Dental Laser?

Dental laser works by delivering energy in the form of light, it interacts with tissue in the forms of transmission, absorption, dispersion and reflection. When it is used in dental procedures, dental laser acts as a cutting, therapy, coagulation and bacterial reduction instrument.
s1 dental laser

What is Blue Laser?

The specific laser wavelength in the spectrum range 435nm-480nm shows a blue light. Due to the highest absorption efficiency (10X~100X) of the chromophore in the soft tissue, this new wavelength demonstrates a better cutting performance even with very low power than the traditional infrared laser (810nm/980nm). It makes the dental surgery more consistent, more precise and faster.

Blue laser redefines what truly diode laser is.

All infrared laser (i.e. 810/980nm) can't avoid the procedure of activating the fiber tip at the first step, however, benefited from the extraordinary absorption rate of Blue Wavelength in hemoglobin, tissue absorbs the energy at a non-contact mode.
It is the 470nm blue wavelength itself who directly interacts with the tissue, but not the heat effect deliveried through the actived fiber tip, this new blue wavelength represents an innovative extension to the already established diode laser systems, redefining what truly diode laser is.

Hybrid wavelengths best fit the multi-tasking

The absorption of the laser energy is the key of the application of dental laser. This photon-tissue interaction is highly relied on the laser wavelength and tissue chromophore. The 3-wavelength laser uses its specific wavelength to treat different oral diseases, which makes the treatments never compromised compared with single wavelength dental laser.

810/980nm is traditional infrared dental laser. Due to its deep penetration in the tissue, it is widely used for bacterial reduction in periodontics and endodontics. Meanwhile, this wavelength is also suitable for High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) in TMJ and Pain reduction

470nm is ideal wavelength for soft-tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation and incision/excision. With extremely low laser power, less collateral damage occurs during the soft tissue surgery

650nm wavelength is recognized as Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) effect globally. It's also called Photobiomodulation (PBM) effect. It will help on the wound healing and biostimuation on dental procedures.

Specifications Specifications Brochure(PDF)
Laser Wavelength 470nm(+/-20nm)+650nm+980nm/810nm
Max Power 3W+200mW+7W/6W
Display/Control 7’’HD vivid Touch-Screen/Smart OS
Aiming Beam 650nm<5mW
Fiber Connection Medical fiber: 200μm, 300μm and 400μm with standard SMA905 connector
Operating Modes Continuous Wave(CW)/Pulsed
Power Supply 18VDC 5A
Battery Capacity 3350mAh
Dimension(L*W*H) 26cm(L) * 12.5cm(W) * 20cm(H)

Excellent software and hardware

Smart operating system based on android This is the world first smart laser with hybrid wavelengths. Deep customization and development based on the Android system, operating the device is as convenient and comfortable as operating a mobile phone. The system let users have a better user experience, smoother software operation and a more stable operating foundation.

- Preset procedures, customization and favorites (quick and expert mode)
- 45 Protocols offer great safety in any dental procedures
- Fast selection of treatment with procedure tutorial guide
- Direct Wifi update enables the latest software and expandable functions
- Two hybrid solutions:470/650/810 and 470/650/980
- 7’’ HD vivid Touch-Screen
- Super-fast cooling system
- Whisper fan
- Metallic robust casing
- Compact and innovative
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"It was very shocked that I could cut these tissues without even contacting with them! There was no bleeding and really low power needed during the surgery, my patients' experience is also great.
This is a magical device that subverts my understanding of conventional lasers and this makes the PIOON blue the king of Laser."

-Dr.Diego Alejandro Gaviria, Colombia

"The magic of blue laser is really beyond my imagination and provides excellent curing effects to my patients!
In the present era, it is always important to learn and master the dental weapons belong to present age. Compared with the cold weapons such as scalpels and drills, the benefits from laser pulses do have their revolutionary advantages."

-Dr. Dong Chen, China

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