SAT-M2 Multi-Application Surgical Laser

A powerful and reliable helper

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The new generation surgical laser platform.

1470nm and 980nm can be selected individually or blended together.

International standard laser connector suitable for the connection of all mainstream accessories.

Self-developed radial fiber brings effective clinical performance and affordable expense.

Patented intelligent hardware control system ensures stability.

HD nature-touched LCD screen contributes to easy and rapid set-up.

Modern and easy-to-use operating system.

What you can expect from PIOON?

Clinical tutorial videos and training.

Flexible services to meet the market needs of different regions.

3 years warranty for device, 5 years warranty for laser module.

Fast and reliable before/after-sales service.

Why you can trust PIOON?

Our core team has been focused on developing and manufacturing medical diode lasers for 15 years.

Recognized as the Top OEM provider in the industry worldwide, we complete thousands of units every year.

Provides uniquely customised medical laser module to achieve technical and cost control.

The World's First developer to combine the medical laser with intelligent operation system.

Our laser is equipped with complete set of accessories.



PLDD(Percutaneous Laser Disk Decompression)

The 1470nm with larger water absorption properties appears to have an effect on the entire nucleus pulposus and not only in surrounding tissue of laser fiber (carbonization zone). During PLDD, disc volume is minimally decreased, however, disc pressure can be significantly lowered. When using laser for disc decompression, small amount of nucleus pulposus evaporates.

EVLT(Endovenous Laser Ablation)

Since the vein structure is mostly water, laser with its high water absorption, it enables precision ablation and highly localized heating, resulting in an optimal vein ablation. The procedure would bring the patient more comfortable treatment without post-operative bruising or swelling.


For cutting edge treatment of Anal Fistula and Hemorrhoids, laser energy is used, the radial fiber is inserted into the anal fistula tract to thermally ablate the pathway. Here, epithelized tissue is destroyed resulting in the collapsed fistula tract.


The 1470nm laser light beam has suitable lower skin penetration because of low melanin and hemoglobin absorption and selective photothermolysis due to higher water and fat absorption. The 1470nm diode laser proved to be safe and effective for laser lipolysis, with a marked reduction in the duration of the procedure and an improved tolerability by patients.