Laser Accessories

Multi-functional handpiece

Fit for all tips including disposable tips, whitening tips, bio-stimulation tips and TMJ tips.

TMJ handpiece

Relive the pain in Temporo-mandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome(TMD).

Whitening handpiece

For teeth whitening/bleaching, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.

Bio-stimulation handpiece

For Low-level laser therapy(LLLT), to speed up wound healing process, prevent Infection and relieve pain and discomfort.

Disposable fiber tips

-Allows more control and accessibility due to flexible bending of the tip during treatment
-Available in different diameters and length for surgery, periodontology and endodontics
-SMA905 connector matches with the mainstream laser machine all over the world.

Bare Fiber

Silica fiber has excellent high temperature resistance and optical transmission properties for wide clinical applications

Suitable for general surgery, different sizes are available according to the actual situation.

Holmium Fiber

Standard SMA/FC connector
Core[μm]: 272; 365; 550
Flat/air gap connector available
Extension sleeve available in various colors
Standard length 3m, NA=0.22/0.37

Specifically for use with most holmium and Nd:YAG laser systems on the market. Designed for durability, flexibility and versatility in urological procedures.

Radial Fiber

Connector: standard SMA 905
Fiber diameter: 400/730um, 600/750um
Glass OD: 1.2mm
Glass length: 10mm
Transmittance: >90%

360° radiation and optimized handling, standard for endovenous laser therapy

Focusing Handpiece

Fiber 300um, 400um
SMA905 connector
Magnification confocal: 1:1
Spot diameter: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm

For non-contact treatment:
Spider Vein
Nail fungus
Vascular Dermatosis

Side Fiber

Core[μm]: 600
Fiber tip: oblique 8 degrees
High power F-SMA905 connector
Extension sleeve available in various colors
Self-design on request
Apply to infrared (IR)
Standard length 3m

Provide a lateral light aimed directly at the prostate tissue, avoiding the sphincter, be used with a holder to perform rotations, telescoping and other surgical operations.