• pioon p1 dental laser
  • pioon p1 dental laser
  • pioon p1 dental laser

  • Wavelength Matters

    3-Wavelength maximizes your clinical possibilities
    450nm: With its outstanding hemostasis effect, the blue diode is ideally suited to all soft tissue surgical applications. It can achieve a better cutting result at a lower power than infrared laser light (i.e. 810, 940 980nm) at higher power.
    650nm: Benefited from the high absorption of melanin, the red diode is used for what are known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) and biostimulation.
    980nm: Infrared diode is proven and widely used in laser dentistry for reducing germ level in periodontology, endodontics and other applications like aphthous ulcers and teeth bleaching. At the same time, high power 980nm can also work as surgical wavelength for some specific tissue.
    Wavelengths Used For Medical Laser

    Excellent surgical performance
    P1 has numbers of protocols presets which is proven highly effective for doctors in everyday practice and get good cutting performance.

    P1 Medical Laser Operation interface diagram

    P1 uses both 450nm and 980nm working as major surgical wavelength for either high pigment tissue or low pigment tissue. So, it is quite versatile for all different situations.
    P1 provide highest level safety as the hemostasis compared with traditional scalpels. Also, the post surgery inflection rate is greatly reduced in laser treatment.

    dental laser fiber hemostasis

    Dental surgery

    Implant uncover


    Sulcular debridement




    Root canal
    Gangrene germ reduction

    Dental laser therapy

    Burning mouth
    Oral lichen planes
    Post-surgical swelling
    Post-surgical wound

    Complete collection of the latest technology


    Innovative Blue diode

    Advanced blue wavelength is proven with faster cutting speed and better performance in soft tissue surgery, which features direct hemostasis and greatest possible control.


    Most versatile Laser

    3-wavelength diode technology empower dentist to achieve maximum outcomes in variety applications in surgery, endodontics, periodontology, and others.


    Internal Wireless Connection

    The Bluetooth and WiFi connect P1 dental laser with the world. Dentists can access unlimited tutorial and treatment content and system updates remotely.


    Powerful Computing Capability

    With powerful 6-core CPU inside, P1 dental laser has 10 times more capability for processing massive data and animation graphics as embedded system.


    Large capacity Battery

    With long lifetime Li-on Battery inside, P1 dental laser provides all types of dentist most mobility and flexibility in everyday application.


    Smart Operating System

    Latest software engineering allows modern graphic user interface and high resolution video playing. It guarantees easy and smooth operation without delay.

  • Multiple accessories expands your professionals
    Laser Wavelength 450nm+650nm+980nm
    Laser Power 3W+200mW+6W
    Display / Control 7” HD vivid Touch-screen / Smart OS
    Aiming Beam 650nm < 5mW
    Fiber Connection medical fiber: 200um, 400um and 600um with Standard SMA 905 connector
    Operating Modes Continuous Wave (CW) / Pulsed
    Power Input 20VDC 6A/3350mAh
    Battery Capacity 3350mAh
    Dimensions(L*W*H) 195 * 195 * 275 mm
    Weight(without case) 2.75KG Including Integrated Battery

  • Laser Soft tissue surgery

    Soft Tissue Surgery

    P1 Dental Laser is capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.
    dental laser endodontics


    P1 Dental Laser can be effectively applied in germ reduction or pulpotomy. It stimulates tissue so the treated areas may heal more quickly.
    dental laser periodontology


    Periodontic germ reduction or Peri-implantitis requires the laser painless treatment and accelerate healthy tissue growth. P1 Dental Laser can make your patients more comfortable and satisfied.
    dental laser whitening


    Laser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that is unlikely to cause serious side effects or Complications. Our device is definitely essential for your beautiful and healthy smile.
    laser teeth therapy


    Diode laser can help improve oral tissue repair and cell growth to enhance the dental hygiene. The mercury portable laser with TMJ applicator is more effective and convenient than other physical therapy modalities.

  • For Dentistry

    Ergonomic handpiece with single-use tips (200μm, 300μm and 400μm)
    Biostimulation tip
    Teeth whitening tip
    Therapy handpiece for pain relief
    Protective Goggles
    dental laser handpiece

    Dental Laser Handpiece

    -200um fiber with multi tip handpiece
    -SMA connector
    -Sliver, blue
    Core[μm] Connector Color Order No
    200 SMA905 Silver 302060
    200 SMA905 Blue 302070
    dental laser tips

    Disposable Fiber tips

    Allow more control and flexibility during treatment
    Available in surgery, periodontology and endodontics
    Tip Diameter[μm] Length[mm] Order No
    5mm 300 5 602040
    5mm 400 5 602050
    10mm 300 10 602060
    10mm 400 10 602070
    10mm 600 10 602080
    15mm 200 15 602090
    Laser Teeth Whitening Tip

    Whitening Tip

    Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
    Color Order No
    Silver 802040
    Dental Laser Biostimulation

    Biostimulation Tip

    Low-level laser biostimulation can be applied in wound therapy to speed up the wound healing, prevent infection and relieve the pain.
    Math with Order No
    Dental Laser Handpiece 902040
    Bare Fiber Dental Handpiece 902050
    laser therapy handpiece

    Therapy Handpiece

    Adjustable spot diameter: 7mm, 15mm, 30mm
    Pain relief, reduction of inflammation and tissue healing
    Order No: 003020

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