vkbox monitor


Ecg monitoring(Touch,3-Leadwire and 5-leadwire)
Nibp monitoring
SpO2 monitoring
Pulse monitoring
Respiratory monitoring
Temperature monitoring

Leading Biotechnology and Create Healthy Lives

VKBox combined with the self-developed exclusive APP can measure and record parameters in real time. Then the physiologi-cal parameters are saved to server to analyze the develop-ment trend of the user's body, and the users can learn more about their physical condition and help them to recover their physi-cal condition.
m2 surgery laser


1.5 inch,2.4 inch screen optional
Suitable for people(adults,pediatric,neonate)
English and Chinese interface optional
Big data analysis,exclusive cloud server
Information push between users and mutual supervision
Small in size and weight(78*150*30mm, 260g)
dedicated APP support

Leading Biotechnology and Create Healthy Lives

The proprietary application displays the detected data on the mobile side, stores the data in the cloud, establishes the user's personal data file, observes the trend through the large data analysis, and carries on the risk early warning.


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