ALD Laser Training Feedback

Dr Aditi Chaudhary

What an amazing 2-day course by Dr Walid. Very informative!! He made everything so easy for us to understand, right from the basics (which most of the people find boring) to clinical applications and case discussions.
Also he made the session more of a interactive one for all, rather than just a long boring lecture. I highly appreciate his efforts and look forward to attend more such courses in future.
Thank you.

Dr Hareth Alrikabi

Feedback for the educational webinar (Basic competency course in dental laser) that was set up through Zoom platform on 19-21 June,2020.
My name is Hareth Alrikabi. I am a dental specialist from Iraq. I am glad to be invited to this amazing course. At the beginning I would like to say that everything related to this course was arranged properly. The invitation has been sent early before the course date and the registration was very easy. The date and time were suitable and fit with my schedule.
The attendance of the course was varied from all the world. I enjoyed listening to the different therapeutic methods and laser experiences. The questions through chat and voice were really important and the answers were informative. The speaker (Dr. Waleed) has a great knowledge to share and I learned a lot from him. He listens to questions spaciously and answer them all.
The course was informative, the scientific content was unique, there were videos for clinical procedures viewed during the course. I explored new treatment methods to be achieved by Pioon laser devices concerning pain management, periodontal surgery, and biostimulation. It was very nice 8 hours of training.
At end, I would like to thank Pioon technology for this event, for covering the fees of the course, and for taking care of the costumers. I am really glad to be one of the Pioon laser users.

Dr Lucrecia Vietto

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to you to share my experience in the course I attended (Dental Laser Training Camp). In my opinion, Dr. Walid Altayeb managed to transmit his knowledge about the use of Laser in Dentistry in all the specialties.
Moreover, Dr Walid Altayeb included a lot of material about the clinical private practice. This point was very important to me because I think that is truly helpful, especially when professional dentists have just started in a new practice. I have attended other courses before, but the one given by Dr. Walid Altayeb was the most useful because of the practical details. He has been very generous to share his experience.
I hope I can attend another course with him soon.
Yours faithfully,

Dr Ahmed El Bahar

I would like to thank pioon company for this great course. And specially Dr. Walid for his great and informative knowledge.
In this course we knew the value of the three wave length laser device. And it’s different clinical situation and difference between penetration and absorption of different wavelengths of pioon device.
We learnt special tricks about regenerative pocket reduction using laser and how to properly select the ideal setting for each procedure. And how to get the maximum benefit of our laser device.
I use pioon laser daily in my clinic in orthodontic accelerated tooth movement and treating TMD pain and muscle spasm it really magic solution for TMD pain patient feel comfort with less than 2 minutes. And for relief of pain in apthus ulcers that It’s a big problem to many patients that suffer from this problem. Also in gingvectomy by wavelength 470 ablation is very good with no carbonization or excess heat generation. Also in disinfection of root canal during endodontic treatment laser kill the bacteria and reduce pain to our patients.
In our daily practice in our clinic we use laser for uncovering of implants and for bio stimulation after implant insertion. And we use laser for gingival troughing before taking impression it is really amazing. Also I use it in gingival depigmentation cases it really fast and excellent performance and excellent results to our patients.
We really appreciate this great effort. Thanks pioon and Dr. Walid eltyap. and finally thanks to the professional Egyptian agent Mr. Maher hafez and secure tech for this device and choosing us to attend this course.

Dr Sufyan

My name is Dr Sufyan and I am from Pakistan. I am practicing from last 5 years and from one half year I am using Pioon S1 laser. Since I have this laser I am more confident about treating patients because I have equipment which is more useful for the doctor and the patient.
Regarding this course I attended form ALD arranged by PIOON. That’s the best online laser course I have attended ever. Dr Walid have too much grip and information about laser that he explained every point every clinical application in so much detail that if you attend that course you can start using your laser. After attending this course I am more confident about more clinical application. I learned a lot from dr Walid. I learn about Perio pockets how to treat them with laser. How to use in endodontics. How to treat peri-Implantitis. Before the course I was using for just gingivectomy and pericoronitis. Now I learn more things and I will apply on patients as well so they can get more benefits. Sara was very helpful in all the registration process and even in reminding me that today is the session and keep me updated throughout thank you sara.
The course was very good even I want to do mastership from ALD. Pioon took great initiative about online courses it will be beneficial to doctors and patients. I would love to participate in more lectures and courses like this.
Thank you so much Pioon for making such a good device and arranging this interactive session. I am glad to be a part of Pioon.

Dr Sherif Azab

I am really glad to have PIOON-H1 980m Soft tissue laser.
Being the first owner of PIOON-H1 in Egypt made me feel very lucky. PIOON-H1 proved be an excellent, professional and friendly dental device.
The software of the H1 – which include all possible dental operations with clinically and scientific approved parameters – makes it easy and safe to use.
My experience after using PIOON-H1 I several Gingivectomy cases is that we get a Smooth Clean Cut, No post operative pain and a very comfortable happy patient.
Using PIOON-H1 in de-pigmentation is another success story, it is a magical instrument where no more pain, no bleeding and no need for antibiotics. Immediately after the operation the gum color turns to natural healthy look, and as a result the patient has self confidence during Smile with minimal time of healing.
Using PIOON-H1 in implant recovery sharp clean cut for exposed failed with no bleeding and no need for suture.
I used PIOON-H1 for pain relief of inflamed pulp to eliminate patient’s pain, and I continued the root canal treatment while the patient was very comfortable during treatment.
Using PIOON-H1 also in TMJ disorder to relieve patients pain, I got amazing results after 4 to 6 sessions only.
Great whitening results using PIOON-H1 in less time and less or no sensitivity after whitening session.
Being battery operated device equipped with all necessary accessories gave me the opportunity to move easily from place to another carrying with me a portable clinic.
Finally the care and after sale service I’m getting from PIOON is amazing.
I was very happy when they selected me to participate in PIOON-ALD training course which helped me scientifically a lot and sharpened my experience.
I recommend PIOON and to my colleagues.
Thanks very much PIOON.
I am very happy and grateful for Dr. Walid Altayeb for the ALD/PIOON Course and for all useful and amazing new information I gained from this course which should help us when using laser technology in dentistry.
This course really improved my skills and experiences especially in clinical and theoretical sides.
Finally many Thanks to SecureTech, PIOON’s agent in Egypt.

Dr Harini Mitta

Being a periodontist, initially I used to do all the procedures with conventional technique (scalpel) and realized that laser is the game changer and new way of practicing dentistry. It has been almost 10 months since I started using PIOON laser and it has definitely not disappointed me so far considering its precision, less chair time, visibility in the surgical site, ability to coagulate and prevent profuse bleeding, fewer post-op visits and complications and higher profit margins by decreasing chair time. It reduces patient anxiety and stress as well and most importantly can treat borderline medically compromised patients, where conventional treatment is absolutely contraindicated. In short it is a win-win situation for both patients and dentists. Now I do most of the procedures including curettage, LANAP, frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, gingivectomy, depigmentation, esthetic crownlenghtening, excisions and operculectomy with laser. The added advantages with PIOON laser are the preset treatment procedures reduce the time for adjusting the settings, tutorial content provided helps me educate patients about the procedure and the TMJ handpiece, whitening hand piece and photobiomodulation handpiece. It is very compact and can be easily carried to any place and has good battery life.
I am glad I chose PIOON and got the opportunity to attend Dental laser training camp jointly organized with Gulf Laser Chapter affiliated with ALD. Dr.Walid’s session was par excellence. It was an elaborate and informative session where Dr Walid has given many inputs with clinical relevance. As a Periodontist I had some knowledge on some topics but the session has definitely benefited me. Most of the topics covered were clinically significant in day to day procedures. The fundamentals were explained in depth and all possible treatments with lasers were covered. The best part was the Laser practice management and Q & A session where Dr. Walid has patiently answered all the questions asked by the participants despite the fact that he was running short of time. Most importantly I learnt how to use TMJ handpiece and photobiomudulation handpiece. All in all this Dental laser training camp was totally worth attending.

Dr Katta Datta Sai Kiran

I being Endodontist since 2015 practicing exclusive Endodontics. For the past two years I started doing general dentistry procedures as well. For my routine practice I thought of getting a soft tissue laser. In search of lasers I come across this PIOON which was recently launched in India by Oral Technologies. I bought triple wavelength S1 PIOON laser ten months back. I used to do procedures like Periodontal debridements, LANAP, Curettage, Gingivectomy, Frenectomy, Operculectomy, Root Canal disinfections. It gave me immense satisfaction with easy and quick operative time, precision, good visibility of view with coagulation of bleeding sites. Outcome of treatments is far better than routine conventional surgical procedures. Perception of patients is also good with this laser. PIOON has many inbuilt preset procedures like low level laser treatment, bio stimulations, bleaching of teeth, TMJ photo bio modulation handpiece. It has demonstration videos of different procedures for patient education. And battery life of this unit is also well appreciable. PIOON is no way inferior to renowned and well established different lasers available as far as to my experience of working with it for past few months. It made my daily practice more comfortable with good treatment outcome.
With PIOON I got opportunity to attend dental laser training camp organized by Gulf laser chapter affiliated with ADL. Dr Walid Altayeb’s session. Dr Walid’s lecture was excellent covering all treatment modalities in laser dentistry with elaborate laser physics. I am very much thankful to Dr Walid for his explanation of laser treatment procedures especially in periodontics which made me to learn new laser periodontal treatments protocols. Dr Walid in Q&A session explained each and every question patiently and in depth. Dr Walid also enlightened me with laser treatment modalities how to use TMJ hand piece, laser bleaching, photo bio modulation, low level laser treatments (bio stimulations), gingival depigmentations, root canal disinfection with lasers, in implantology. And also focused on over view of laser practice and safety. Even though it is basic laser course of two days webinar, speaker timely managed to explain all clinically significant lase treatment procedures in dentistry. I very much fortunate and worth attending this dental laser training camp by Gulf laser chapter which is affiliated to Academy of laser dentistry. I thank all organizers of this dental laser training camp for making me as a participant attending this session.