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    Change is coming, our innovation is for your practice

    Dental laser is becoming the essential and standard equipment in modern dental clinics. PIOON devotes itself to bring the clinicians and the patients long-term, maximal value and treatment experience by integrating the latest dental laser technology including the especially developed laser technology, control technology, smart operating system.

    The best choice is to choose what you really need

    The core evaluation of introducing the most advanced dental laser technology is the actual great gains that from the most affordable devices, consumables and replacements. The Mercury series from PIOON can offer you professional dental lasers from the most popular to the most advanced products. You can always find a dental laser meets your type of practice needs no matter you are a new laser user or experienced professional.
    The popular products:
    F10(single wavelength 810nm, 5-10W)
    G15(single wavelength 980nm, 5-15W)
    The most advanced products:
    FG10(dual-wavelength 810nm 5W, 980nm 8W)
    FG11(Tri-wavelength 810nm 5W, 980nm 8W, 650nm 100mW )

    pioon mercury laser

    Pioon Mercury Laser Navigation Dental Handpiece Dental tips

    Unique smart design specially for your easy-use and efficiency

    Easy operation as smart phone without tedious training
    Preset most popular and proven clinical protocols. You’re allowed to set up exclusive treatment settings very quickly.
    The intuitive navigation will lead you focus on exquisite treatment instead of busy with device setup.
    Integrated handpiece and disposable tips would make you feel quite quick and safe as using the conventional dental handpiece
    benefits of pioon mercury laser

    Competitive consumable cost is the guarantee of your maximum profit everyday

    New technology would become widespread only when patients and clinics can benefit both together.
    We offer you various specs of dental laser handpiece and disposable tips, helping you maximize your ability on operations with latest dental laser technology.
    We are the only one would like to offer you the consumables free of charge for your start-up dental laser practices. In addition to that, our member’s consumables would be supported at a very competitive Price for at least 3 years. Please join the membership right now!
    Integrated handpiece and disposable tips would make you feel quite quick and safe as using the conventional dental handpiece

    Pioon iLearning program

    Join in iLearning program, you will be synchronized with the world’s latest dental laser operation skills

    The Mercury laser presets multiple professional clinical videos. You can absolutely learn and practice on your own and achieve easy operation.
    Join in iLearning! Downloading our online clinical training videos and keeping on learning the latest laser dentistry treatment skills to show your talent and ability on everyday practices. Please join the membership right now!
    Our resources come from the leading dental organizations as well as professional dentists.

    services of pioon laser

    Your satisfaction is the goal of our service, without conditions

    As our member, you’re able to get the extended time of warranty for free and also the benefit of premier price on maintenance during the product lifetime.
    Smart system instantly enables you update your dental laser automatically, keeping the stability and reliability improving all the time. Everything is easier than ever before.

  • Mercury F10 G15 FG10 FG11
    Laser Wavelength 810nm 980nm 810 + 980nm 810nm + 980nm + 650nm
    Laser Power 10W Max 15W Max 810: 5W Max/980: 8W Max 810: 5W Max/980: 8W Max/650: 100mW Max
    Display / Control 7” 720P HD Touch-Screen / Smart OS
    Aiming Beam 650nm <2mW
    Fiber Connection medical fibers 200μm, 400μm and 600μm with Standard SMA 905 connector
    Operating Modes CW/Pulsed/G-Pulsed
    Power Requirements 12VDC 5A
    Dimensions(L*W*H) 300 * 220 * 200 mm
    Weight(without case) 2.65Kg

  • Laser Soft tissue surgery

    Soft Tissue Surgery

    Mercury portable laser is capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.
    dental laser endodontics


    Mercury portable laser can be effectively applied in germ reduction or pulpotomy. It stimulates tissue so the treated areas may heal more quickly.
    dental laser periodontology


    Periodontic germ reduction or Peri-implantitis requires the laser painless treatment and accelerate healthy tissue growth. Mercury portable laser can make your patients more comfortable and satisfied.
    dental laser whitening


    Laser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that is unlikely to cause serious side effects or Complications. Our device is definitely essential for your beautiful and healthy smile.
    laser teeth therapy


    Diode laser can help improve oral tissue repair and cell growth to enhance the dental hygiene. The mercury portable laser with TMJ applicator is more effective and convenient than other physical therapy modalities.

  • For Dentistry

    Ergonomic handpiece with single-use tips (200μm, 300μm and 400μm)
    Biostimulation tip
    Teeth whitening tip
    Therapy handpiece for pain relief
    Protective Goggles
    dental laser handpiece

    Dental Laser Handpiece

    -200um fiber with multi tip handpiece
    -SMA connector
    -Sliver, blue
    Core[μm] Connector Color Order No
    200 SMA905 Silver 302060
    200 SMA905 Blue 302070
    dental laser tips

    Disposable Fiber tips

    Allow more control and flexibility during treatment
    Available in surgery, periodontology and endodontics
    Tip Diameter[μm] Length[mm] Order No
    5mm 300 5 602040
    5mm 400 5 602050
    10mm 300 10 602060
    10mm 400 10 602070
    10mm 600 10 602080
    15mm 200 15 602090
    Laser Teeth Whitening Tip

    Whitening Tip

    Whitening handpiece for teeth bleaching consist of whitening handpiece and bare fiber, contoured to treat an entire quadrant of teeth consistently and comfortably.
    Color Order No
    Silver 802040
    Dental Laser Biostimulation

    Biostimulation Tip

    Low-level laser biostimulation can be applied in wound therapy to speed up the wound healing, prevent infection and relieve the pain.
    Math with Order No
    Dental Laser Handpiece 902040
    Bare Fiber Dental Handpiece 902050
    laser therapy handpiece

    Therapy Handpiece

    Adjustable spot diameter: 7mm, 15mm, 30mm
    Pain relief, reduction of inflammation and tissue healing
    Order No: 003020

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