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Dr Ahmed El Bahar

In this course we knew the value of the three wave length laser device. And it’s different clinical situation and difference between penetration and absorption of different wavelengths of pioon device.

Dr Sufyan

My name is Dr Sufyan and I am from Pakistan. I am practicing from last 5 years and from one half year I am using Pioon S1 laser.

Dr Sherif Azab

I am really glad to have PIOON-H1 980m Soft tissue laser.Being the first owner of PIOON-H1 in Egypt made me feel very lucky. PIOON-H1 proved be an excellent, professional and friendly dental device.

Dr Harini Mitta

Being a periodontist, initially I used to do all the procedures with conventional technique (scalpel) and realized that laser is the game changer and new way of practicing dentistry.